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Computer organization and Advanced Computer Architecture Lab

The Computer organization and architecture lab provides hands on experience on 8086 assembly programming using emu8086™ emulator. Students design and implement combinational and sequential circuits such as adders, comparators, multiplexors, decoders as well as storage elements like the basic latch, flip-flops and registers etc. The logic design and implementation of these circuits is done using Hardware Description Language (HDL) in the Xilinx Integrated Software Environment. The Advanced architecture lab provides practical exposure to students using Intel VTune Performance Amplifier to find and fix performance problems in a compiled program written in the C/C++ language. Students analyze assembly files or disassembled compiler outputs. Students also use the VTune Performance Amplifier™’s dynamic assembly analyzer to dynamically analyze and fine-tune small sections of application and identify the exact instructions that cause critical performance problems. Students also get a hands-on exposure in parallelizing a sequential program like dense matrix and Graph algorithms to improve its performance using Intel Parallel Studio, and OpenMP/MPI.

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