job description:

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At least 6 years as a Professor.

Demonstrated Leadership in Research, Education and Institution building for at least 6 years as a Professor.


Entry Basic Pay : Rs. 211300

Dearness Allowance : 34% of Basic Pay (Normally aligned with Central Govt. announcement)

Annual Increment : As per Pay matrix at 3%

Professional Development Fund : Rs. 1 Lakh per year

Research Initiation Grant : One-time RIG of Rs. 2 Lakh+ 10 Lakh of “competitive RIG” to select individuals through an Institute-wide call

Relocation Allowance : Baggage shifting and travelling expenses of self and family upto Rs. 50000/- within India and upto Rs. 1 Lakh for joining from abroad

Contributory Provident Fund : Employee & Employer contribution of 12% of Basic + Da Per month

Gratuity : As per “Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972”

Medical Coverage : Reimbursed to an extent of 90% of the expenses incurred as per BITS Medical policy (including parents if dependent)

Children’s Education Allowance : One-time Admission fee and Tuition fees paid for studies up to class 12 are reimbursable, subject to certain limits. Fee waiver for education in First and Higher degree in BITS campuses as per policy.

On Campus Housing : At prescribed nominal license fee

Leave Travel Allowance : The institute meets 100% of the actual fare both for the onward and return journeys as per eligibility of travel once in a cycle of two years for visit to Home town.

Vacation Leave : 60 days paid vacation per academic year

Other Leave : Casual Leave (15 days per year), Special Casual Leave (15 days per year), Half Pay Leave, Commuted Leave, Sabbatical Leave, Extraordinary Leave etc. as per Leave rules of the Institute