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(BITSync)s and How!

They say there are two kinds of BITSian’s in the Bay Area: One who wants to attend BITSync in the future, and other who has attended BITSync in the past. And there were the third kind: who attended the BITSync 2023!

One had to be at the BITSync 2023 to guess why so.

More than 300 BITSian innovators, investors, professionals, and experts attended the BITSync, the premier event that has a huge following amongst BITSians. The line-up of speakers was simply amazing: diverse themes across career, women entrepreneurship, investment amongst other were discussed by the who’s who of the valley, in a day-long celebration of being successful BITSians in the Bay Area.

Organized by the BITSAA Silicon Valley Chapter (SVC), BITSync is an annual event that brings together BITSians and other experts on a common platform to discuss and disseminate critical ideas and learning and offers a wonderful networking opportunity for a young BITSian to the galaxy of successful BITSian leaders and founders. Attendees this year were famous names such as Raju Reddy, Preetish Nijhawan, Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Sundi Natarajan, Anji R Maram, Samay Kohli, Ashish Garg, Sunita Solao, Ashmeet Sidana, Praveena Vajja and many more. This year BITSAA SVC leadership team Ankush Bagotra (CEO), Aditya, and Sameer Gurjala (CFO), and their excellent team of volunteers put up a grand show that would be hard to beat by their successors.

BITSync also saw a keynote from Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Vice-Chancellor, of BITS Pilani, who shared updates on the Institute and what it would take to make BITS Pilani global. Prof. Rao shared the blueprint for BITS vision, and called all alumni to be a part of this transformational journey. Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai, Director, Pilani Campus, Prof. Arya Kumar, Dean Alumni Relations, and Sachin Arya, Head of Alumni Relations, and Pilani Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Society (PIEDS), had accompanied Prof. Rao at the BITSync.

This edition, a new flavour to the event was added: BITS Pilani and BITSAA SVC, decided to felicitate the Distinguished Alumni Award winners of previous three years who could not make it to receive the same in earlier Campuses Convocations. Amongst the one felicitated were, Dr. Thampy Thomas (Entrepreneurship), Dr. B.P. Agarwal (Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy), Prof. Kartik Hosanagar (Academia and Research), and Abhinav Asthana (Entrepreneurship). Mr. Vivek Paul was felicitated with DAA award in the Corporate Leadership category in an exclusive event in the Country Club, Palo Alto Hill and Mr. Anurag Jain under Entrepreneurship category in the Access Healthcare office in Dallas.

Do you think if we talk of BITSians and Entrepreneurship, we can talk without mentioning ‘BITS Spark’ in the conversation? Yes, you are right, we cannot. That’s exactly what happened where 5 BITSian founded startup competed for kudos and of course investment in front of marquee Spark investors. Sundi Natarjan (Co-Founder, BITS Spark) and Vipul Choubey (CEO, BITS Spark) brought 5 of the finest startups to the podium, as they did at the BGM 2023!

To say BITSync is by far the best annual event across all BITSian chapters worldwide, wouldn’t be an overstatement. Disagree? See you at BITSync 2024!

Silicon Valley, home to the innovation, entrepreneurship, and moonshot ideas. Recently, a report by a Stanford Professor went viral – It measured the no. of startups by non –American founders which university they attend. Institutions from two countries ruled the rankings – Israel and India. Do you think if we talk of entrepreneurship and India, we can talk without mentioning ‘BITS Pilani’ in the conversation? BITS Pilani did feature in the Top 10 institutions, which the founders attended, and decided to start their venture in the United States of America.