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Bioinformatics Research Lab


List of available softwares (commercial) in Bioinformatics lab

1.Amber v16 (Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement)
The AMBER software suite provides a set of programs to apply the AMBER forcefields to simulations of biomolecules.
2.Biosolve IT
This software covers any needs from the fields of structure-based, ligand-based, and fragment-based drug design. Using   its tools you can accomplish a range of tasks such as the design, visualization and alignment of ligand  libraries,  virtual screening for hit identification, ligand optimization and scaffold hopping or the design of compound mimics.
3.Discovery Studio
Discovery Studio is a suite of software for simulating small molecule and macromolecule systems. Discovery     Studio provides software applications covering the following areas:
  • Simulations (Including Molecular Mechanics, Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Mechanics)
  • Ligand Design 
  • Pharmacophore modeling 
  • Structure-based Design 
  • Macromolecule design and validation
  • Macromolecule engineering (protein-protein docking, Antibody design, membrane-bound proteins 
  • QSAR 
  • ADME
  • Predictive toxicity

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