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Bala Gopalasamy and Ramya Aroul: Nurturing Bonds and Reliving Memories – The Architects Behind the BITS Pilani 1998 Batch Reunion

Bala Gopalasamy and Ramya Aroul: Nurturing Bonds and Reliving Memories – The Architects Behind the BITS Pilani 1998 Batch Reunion


Bala Gopalasamy (Pilani, ‘03) and Dr. Ramya Aroul (Pilani, ‘02) are both fine examples of BITS Pilani alumni who not only succeed in their professional landscape but also have cherished memories of their alma mater. Bala and Ramya joined BITS in 1998. Bala graduated with honors in Civil Engineering and Chemistry while Ramya graduated with a degree in Engineering Technology. Their journey extended beyond academic excellence as they were actively engaged in extracurricular activities, notably contributing to the dance club.

Currently, positioned as the Head of SAP Application Management Services CoE - EMEA and APAC (Global Growth Markets) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bala continues to shine in the global arena of technological leadership. Ramya heads the Financial Literacy and Personal Finance program at the University of Texas at Arlington where she conducts research and teaches finance and real estate.

Their journey to success, however, isn't just limited to professional achievements. Their recent endeavor in orchestrating the monumental 1998 batch reunion stands testament to their commitment to fostering alumni connections and reliving the cherished memories of BITS Pilani.

In our candid interview, Bala and Ramya shared insights into the meticulous planning and execution behind this much-awaited reunion. The arduous 14-month journey, commenced by forming a cohesive WhatsApp group, aimed to unite a sizeable fraction of the 650-strong batch mates. Through strategic marketing and coordination with BITS Pilani's Alumni Relations team, the event garnered significant interest, drawing in 225 enthusiastic attendees.

They emphasized the collaborative effort of multiple teams handling various aspects, including marketing, finance, logistics, and entertainment, attributing meticulous planning of their team as the cornerstone of the event's success. These teams were led by the core members including, Prerna, Indu, Sairam, Gaurav, Monica, Krishna, Suman and Shankar. Acknowledging the support from BITS Pilani's alumni relations, students, and various clubs, Bala and Ramya highlighted the collective effort that made the reunion a resounding success

Reflecting on their visit and the reunion with their batch mates, Bala and Ramya expressed a profound sense of nostalgia. Returning to the campus after two decades, they found solace in the blend of the familiar heritage and the new innovative advancements, cherishing moments like dancing on the stage - a testament to their enduring passion.

As Bala and Ramya reminisced about their unforgettable experiences and shared their vision for future reunions, unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for nurturing alumni connections shined through. The legacy of this reunion has already sparked preparations among subsequent batches, indicating a ripple effect inspired by their remarkable initiative.