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Communication Systems Lab


The communication Systems Laboratory intends to cover the basic understanding of functionalities of various block-sets involved in communication system. It involves system design and simulation exercises using MATLAB and Simulink and experiments based on HW boards. Students are introduced to the functioning of modern communication systems and how they perform in the presence of noise.

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Scope of the Lab

In this Lab , the students study in detail about the various types of modulators and demodulators, transceivers and spectrum analyzer and also different types of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) formats both using hardware and software

Application Areas

  • Broadcast Radio/TV
  • Digital Telephony
  • Mobile Communications
  • Railway Signaling and Air Traffic Control
  • Satellite Communications


Digital storage Oscilloscope(DSO)
2Digital storage Oscilloscope(DSO)
Function Generator
4Agilent Spectrum Analyzer N9320B (9 KHz - 3 GHz): Offers modulation data, including carrier power, modulation rate, AM depth or FM deviation, SINAD and carrier frequency offset, Provides four display modes: symbol, waveform, ASK/FSK error and eye diagrams.
 5MATLAB 2019a

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