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An Insight into the Mind of an Entrepreneur:

An Insight into the Mind of an Entrepreneur: Eshwaran Venkat’s Breakthrough in Business and Leadership

In a world teeming with a strive for change and innovation, there are a handful who serve as beacons of entrepreneurial prowess, and forge a path for the inspired to take example. Eshwaran Venkat, an illustrious alumnus of BITS Pilani Dubai, is a hallmark for such innovation, and pursues to revolutionize the world of retail and real-estate through an infusion with data science and AI. His resolve for business, software development, and data science reflects his undying determination to seek impactful change. As we gain a deeper insight into his journey, we uncover the catalysts for his stark transformation from a curious, passionate undergraduate student in BITS Dubai, to a frontrunner in his field.

During his journey as an undergraduate student of computer science, Eshwaran’s passion for the world of data science was kindled and facilitated by BITS Pilani Dubai’s practice school program. His enthusiasm was further ignited after working as a data analyst intern for Careem, which allowed him to develop and further hone his skills. His curiosity about data interlinked with its application in business drove him to pursue a Master's in the field of data science at UC Berkeley, after continued guidance and support from the BITS Pilani faculty. Upon observing market inefficiencies in the retail space, intertwined with his interest in data science and AI, Eswaran initiated Dotlas, a company that provides market and competitive intelligence to retail and real estate businesses. As a co-founder, he uses his diverse skillset as a developer and a data engineer to come up with data-driven solutions in a largely anecdotally driven market.

Beyond the realm of academics, Eshwaran sharpened his leadership skills through his participation in various clubs in BITS Pilani, Dubai. Through ACM, Flummoxed, and Expressions, he learnt how to manage teams, solve problems effectively, manage time, and work as a team. These clubs gave Eshwaran the opportunity to network with alumni, collaborate with individuals and faculty with diverse mindsets, and form valuable interpersonal relationships. These experiences were crucial for him in making a mark in the professional world with Dotlas.


Prior to establishing Dotlas, Eshwaran’s invaluable experience as a Data Analyst with multinational companies like Wipro, UberEATS, and Kitch gave him the robust mentorship framework that shaped his leadership style, and strategic thinking. Under his mentors, he was encouraged to take initiative, tackle problems effectively without viewing failure as a taboo, and was allowed to thrive in a healthy environment abundant with trust and autonomy. Eshwaran carried over these practices to his firm.

Eshwaran Venkat’s success in the field of business and data analytics stems from his enriched experience as a student of BITS Pilani, Dubai. The skills that molded him into the effective communicator, strong leader, and critical thinker he is today, stem from his active engagement in the program, his involvement with various clubs, and his internships with multinational companies provided by the university. Varun’s journey abundant with learning, discovering, and growing was shaped by the education, faculty, and opportunities offered by BITS Pilani, Dubai. He leaves a short but resounding advice for budding entrepreneurs who aspire to carve their name in the world of business: “Start small but dream big. Go ahead and try your own venture, there’s nothing quite like it, and you really almost have nothing to lose. A strong, diverse team is key to any venture's success”. Students and faculty alike can draw inspiration from Eshwaran’s experiences, and drive them to innovate, achieve and lead in any sphere they choose. His journey highlights our institution's effect in honing the skills of potential leaders and gearing them up to make a lasting impact in the world.

Eshwaran Venkat’s Breakthrough in Business and Leadership