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Alumnus Showcase: Idraneel Patil

Influence of BITS on Chosen Career Path

Idraneel reminisces about the captivating engineering culture at BITS, where intellectual curiosity thrived through talks, presentations, and discussions on various technical subjects. This stimulating environment exposed him to a myriad of topics, leading to a life-changing moment when he discovered the captivating field of mechatronics and robotics during a presentation he attended. Inspired by the possibilities in this domain, Idraneel embarked on a journey filled with passion and determination. From engaging in robotics projects and internships to pursuing research opportunities, BITS provided the perfect platform for Idraneel to dive into his chosen field and make a difference in the world of robotics.

Effective Prioritization of Academics and Extracurricular Activities

Idraneel's profile at BITS showcases an exemplary balance between academic excellence and co-scholastic pursuits. He attributes this achievement to the institute's empowering philosophy, Which allows students to be the captains of their own learning journeys. By setting clear learning goals, Idraneel was able to effectively prioritize both academic studies and extracurricular Interests.

During his time at BITS, Idraneel joined Expressions, the public speaking, and literary club, to work on his communication and leadership skills. He also pursued his passion for tennis, representing BITS at intercollege events. Along the way, he discovered that nurturing personal hobbies and interests not only enhanced his overall well-being but also positively impacted his academic performance. This holistic approach to learning at BITS laid the foundation for Idraneel's future success.

The Role of Soft Skills in Personal and Professional Growth:

Idraneel firmly believes that strong communication skills, both written and spoken, are paramount to success in any field. He acknowledges that while some individuals possess natural communication abilities, others, like himself, need to practice and refine these skills continuously. BITS provided an ideal environment for Idraneel to hone his communication abilities through clubs like Toastmasters and Expressions, enabling him to become a more effective and confident Communicator.

Learning from Diverse Experiences

Idraneel's journey at BITS was not solely limited to robotics and academics. He candidly shares his initial stint as a sales promoter at Canon during events outside of BITS. While his primary motivation was to earn extra income for leisure activities, Idraneel discovered the value of interpersonal skills and networking through this experience. Though not directly related to robotics, this venture played a significant role in shaping his career decisions and future learning goals.

Reflecting on the Journey

As a robotics Software Engineer at Nimble, Idraneel has achieved remarkable success in his career. However, he humbly acknowledges that there are aspects he wishes he could have approached differently during his time at BITS. Notably, he emphasizes the importance of networking, building strong relationships, and maintaining them. Idraneel believes that investing time and effort in meaningful connections can greatly impact one's professional trajectory. He encourages current students to discover their true passions at BITS and pursue their individual goals, rather than getting distracted by others' choices.

Idraneel Patil's journey from being a bright-eyed student at BITS to becoming a distinguished robotics software engineer at Nimble is a testament to the institute's profound impact on shaping careers. His experience at BITS fueled his passion for robotics and instilled in him valuable soft skills and a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. We are proud to showcase Idraneel as an exemplary alumnus, embodying the essence of BITS' values and fostering a spirit of continuous learning and exploration.