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All about Simplifying Complex Things

Introduction: Divyansh Saini (Pilani, 14) and Shubhankar Srivastava (Pilani, ’13) are the co-founders of Houseware, a revenue analytics workbench that enables anyone to build internal data apps on the Snowflake Data Cloud. It is a one-stop destination for Data Analytics.

Founding Houseware

We started Houseware in October 2021 with a thought- “What would it take to flip the value of the warehouse from data and engineering team to a revenue function?” Warehouse flipped backward is Houseware.

The database ecosystem has evolved rapidly over time, but the increase in the tooling has left consumers with a frustrating experience of data requests and BI dashboards.

So, we wanted to build a data app ecosystem by introducing a new category of data users - giving them access to the data warehouse in the language they speak. These untouched creators form the modern revenue function spanning sales, customer success, marketing, product, and finance.


Companies based out of the US are our main customers but having said that, Indian companies that are looking to scale up the data processors are also our customers. Our concentration right now is on sales and customer delivery.

Market Size 

We serve the SaaS market and only target US-based companies because those companies match the product that we are building. Today, there are more than 25,000 companies that are our potential target customers. The target market size for the initial market is somewhat around $1.2 Billion because these teams are heavy investors in data and analytics. Because they’ve invested so much money in data analytics, they want to give value to the business users.

Your day as an entrepreneur 

Tons of work, travel, in-person meetings with a focus on health and fitness for personal sanity. I try to go out for a run whenever I can and have non-work related goals which take 20% of my day at least.

“When the going gets tough, tough get going” 

It’s just an understanding that the worst is not as bad as you might think and that starting from scratch is fine if things don’t work out. Believing in the conviction that because we have done it once, we can do it again and the dedication to create a meaningful impact on the world keeps me going.

Future plans

We are hiring interns and full-time employees to grow our team. Our focus is to build a stellar organization that can redefine a decade's worth of innovation in a short span of time.