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A Symphony of Success: Onyeka D’Mello’s Journey from BITS Pilani Dubai to Global Retail Analytics

A Symphony of Success: Onyeka D'Mello's Journey from BITS Pilani Dubai to Global Retail Analytics

In the dynamic realm of professional excellence, certain individuals emerge as true architects of change, fueled by a visionary spirit and an unyielding commitment to make a lasting impact. Onyeka D'Mello, a distinguished alumnus of BITS Pilani Dubai and a Global Retail Analytics Product Manager at Unilever, embodies this very spirit of transformative influence. Embodied with dreams and an ardent love for the arts, Onyeka's journey would weave through the corridors of her alma mater and into the global stage, where she would go on to revolutionize the retail industry.

During her time at BITS Pilani Dubai, Onyeka embraced the arts with fervor. Her involvement in art competitions and music festivals allowed her to nurture her creativity, fostering a mindset that appreciated risks and welcomed failures as stepping stones towards growth. This creative endeavor during her university years was an often overlooked yet fundamental aspect of her journey. It taught her to think beyond the conventional, to imagine the unimaginable, and to embrace challenges with grace. This foundation became the bedrock of her future endeavors.

Onyeka's path was illuminated by her passion for integrating Business Intelligence and Machine Learning and she went on to pursue Master of Science in Big Data and Business Analytics at ESCP Business School in 2017. Fast forward to the present, where Onyeka has found her niche at Unilever, in the Customer Development D&A team as a Global Retail Analytics Product Manager. At Unilever, her team is committed to enhancing the partnership between Unilever and its customers. They leverage immense third-party customer and consumer datasets to create sophisticated analytical products. These products, infused with ML technology, drive positive impacts across retailers, optimizing pricing strategies, promotions, on-shelf replenishment, and inventory management.

In her role, Onyeka has become a virtuoso of stakeholder management. Working across diverse markets, she has come to understand the intricate nuances of different cultures and markets. This understanding is critical in striking a balance of expectations, ensuring effective outcomes in a global landscape. She strongly believes that one should be cognizant about language barriers and cultural differences and that it's always beneficial to approach these situations with patience and understanding.

As she reflected on her trajectory from an intern at IBM to a Global Retail Analytics Product Manager, Onyeka emphasized the pivotal role of early career experiences. She urged aspiring professionals to forge their personal brand early on and to embrace failures as stepping stones towards eventual triumph. Success, she believed, was a product of resilience, patience, and an unwavering spirit to persevere against all odds. Her journey has taken her across the globe, working in various locations. The experience of relocating has been transformational, challenging her to step out of her comfort zone.

Her journey from being a student at BITS Pilani Dubai to a successful Global Retail Analytics Product Manager at Unilever bears witness to the instrumental role her experience at BITS Dubai played in shaping her success. During her time at BITS Dubai, she imbibed a potent blend of academic knowledge and practical skills, fueling her aspirations and setting the stage for her future endeavors.