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Research Based Consultancy

Focusing on connecting ideas with disciplines by assisting in any way possible. Take a look at our Research Based Consultancy below.

Upcoming Research Based Consultancy Projects

At BITS we aim at creating exciting areas of tomorrow’s research through collaboration today.
Research at BITS is about finding connections between diverse ideas and disciplines. Explore the list of research based consultancy below.

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Study on various steps taken for the reduction in water consumption, reduction in wastewater generation, reduction in air pollution and reduction in solid waste generation for the existing products

“”Environmental impact assessment of production processes of Dimpa, Mefentrifluconazole, BAS-5601, Amino Ethyl Phenol, Mandipropamid, and Ortho substituted Phenyl Amide (Charges for NIPL studies)””

Environmental impact assessment of 2,6, Difluoraniline and 4,4-Dimethoxy-2-butanone (DMB)

No increase in pollution load (NIPL) certificate for M/s Deccan Chemicals Ltd (erstwhile Syngenta India Ltd) for effecting change in product mix in respect of the products mentioned in their consent to operate

Ionic liquid -based fowarded osmosis desalination : A Bench Scale Study