Curriculum Subjects - B.E. Architectural & Urban Engineering

B.E. Architectural & Urban Engineering

B.E. Architectural & Urban Engineering is a unique interdisciplinary program rooted in ARCHITECTURE as the fundamental core. The program includes futuristic elements of four critical themes of high demand in the infrastructure sector, aligning UAE’s strategic vision for Sustainable Urban Development. These include – Urban Engineering &  Smart Infrastructures, Computation &  Digital Design, Sustainability & Environment, and Project Management & Finance. A graduate of this program will have fundamental knowledge in both architecture and urban engineering, gaining a significant edge over their peers.

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
BIO F110Biology Laboratory
BIO F111General Biology
CHEM F110Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM F111General Chemistry
MATH F111Mathematics I
PHY F110Physics Laboratory
PHY F111Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves
BITS F110Engineering Graphics
MATH F112 Mathematics II
ME F112Workshop Practice
CS F111Computer Programming
EEE F111Electrical Sciences
BITS F112Technical Report Writing
MATH F113Probability and Statistics
BITS F111Thermodynamics
ATH F211Mathematics III
-Open/Humanities Electives
CE F211Mechanics of Solids
CE F231Fluid Mechanics
CE F213Surveying
CE F230Civil Engineering Materials
ECON F211Principles of Economics
MGTS F211Principles of Management
-Open/Humanities Electives
CE F241Analysis of Structures
CE F242Construction Planning & Technology
CE F243Soil Mechanics
CE F244Highway Engineering
BITS F225Environmental Studies
-Open/Humanities Electives
AUE F311Architectural Design Studio II
AUE F312Geotechnical Design
AUE F313Design of Reinforced Concrete
AUE F314Highway Planning, Analysis and Design
 Discipline Electives
-Open/Humanities Electives
AUE F341Urban Planning and Sustainable Communities
AUE F341Building Acoustics and Lighting Design
AUE F343Design of steel structures
AUE F344Directed Research in
Architecture - I
 Discipline Electives
-Open electives
 Directed Research in Architecture - II
BITS F412Practice School II
BITS F421TOR Thesis (16) OR Thesis (9) & Electives(6 to 9)