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Department of Physics

Innovation: Research & Teaching
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  • The physics department, founded in 2004, currently has eighteen regular faculty members and one visiting faculty member whose research interest spans over theoretical and experimental aspects of high energy physics, condensed matter physics, Nuclear astrophysics,optics and spectroscopy, quantum computation, non-linear dynamics and chaos, nuclear physics and statistical mechanics. Currently the department has 9 PhD scholars and one postdoctoral fellow.
  • The department currently offers Dual MSc(Hons) program. It also has an active PhD (full-time and part-time) program.Courses geared to these programs are offered, apart from a large number of basic physics course for undergraduates and cross-disciplinary electives.
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The Department currently offers the following programs.
  • Ph.D
  • Dual MSc(Hons)
PhD admission Announcement

Currently the department has 13 PhD scholars and is intended to take PhD scholars (regular and part-time) in all areas of Theoretical, Experimental and Computational physics. For the complete details about the PhD admission click here.
For Institute PhD program:
Project JRF position:
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    The faculty members of the Physics department have research interests in varied areas of Theoretical, Experiment and Computational physics. The area in particularly covers High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics etc.
  • Faculty members have research grants from funding agencies such as DST, SERB, CSIR, BRNS, DBT etc.  State-of-art laboratories in Optics and Solid State Physics are being developed. We have nine research scholars working in various areas.
  • The thrust areas of departmental research:
    1. High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Gravity (Theory)
    2. Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiment)
    3. Optics (Theory and Experiment)
    4. Theoretical Physics (Nuclear Physics, Non-linear dynamics, Quantum Optics, Computation, Statistical Physics)

    People and their research interests: click here
    Ph.D. scholar in the department: click here 

    Publication in last 3 years: 
    1) J. Selvaganapathy et.al.Tsallis statistics and the role of a light stabilized radion in supernovae cooling, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 28, 1350152 (2013)
    2) Prasanta Kr. Das et al. 126 GeV Higgs boson pair production at the Linear Collider in  the noncommutative space-time",  Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 28, 1350004 (2013)
    3) Kinjal Banerjee et al, "Connection dynamics of a gauge theory of gravity coupled with matter", Class. Quantum Grav. 30 205015 (2013)
    4KJ.Yang, Kinjal Banerjee and Y. Ma, "oHamiltonian Analysis R+T**2 Action", Phys. Rev. D 85 (2012) 064047
    5) P.K.Das et al, Laboratory frame analysis of $e^+ e^- \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ scattering in the Noncommutative Standard Model.
     IJMPA, 27 (2012) 1250141.
    6) Kinjal Banerjee et al, "Introduction to Loop Quantum Cosmology", SIGMA 8 (2013) 016. 
    7) Prasanta Kumar Das, "The inclusive semi-leptonic $Bbar \to X_s \mu^+ \mu^-$ and leptonic ${\overline B_s} \to  \mu^+ \mu^-$ decays in the presence of a light stabilized radion in Randall-Sundrum model",  Mod. Phys. Lett. A 27 (2012), 1250043. 
    8) Chandradew Sharma et. al., "Bose Symmetry Enables Measurement  of Extra Observables Using dalitz Plots",
    Asia Pacific Physics Newsletter March 2012 Volume 1 No1
    10) S.K.Garg,  P.K.Das et al, TeV Scale Implications of Non Commutative Space time in Laboratory Frame with Polarized Beams", JHEP 1107:024,2011.  
    11) R.S.Patel et al, "Temperature dependence of the giant magnetoresistance in Fe-Cr multilayers - Intralayer and interlayer exchange energies", J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 323, 646 (2011). 
    12) Teny Theresa John et al, "Effect of [OH-] linkages on luminescent properties of ZnO Nanoparticles"
    J. Phys. Chem. C 115 (37) (2011) 18070–18075 
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Upcoming event

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Celestia:  The Astronomy and Astrophysics Club at BITS-Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus. For details click here
Physics society: This society is made out of students of the department of physics. For details click here.


Information regarding PhD Entrance Exam.

PhD admission news

Project JRF position

Faculty/Student Achievements/Awards

Dr. E.S.Kannan , working in Experimental Condensed Matter physics, have received the DST (Govt. of India) project. The project title is "Improving the energy conversion efficiency of solar cell using spin caloritronics"

Dr. Tarun Kumar Jha, working in Nuclear Astrophysics, have received the DAE, BRNS (Govt. of India) project. The project title is "Neutron stars as potential continuous Gravitational Wave Emitter".

Dr. Chandradew Sharma, working in High Energy Physics Phenomenology, have received the DAE, BRNS(Govt. of India) project. The project title is "Searching for new physics in B meson decay".

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Das, working in High Energy Physics Phenomenology, have received the CSIR(Govt. of India) project. The project title is "Probing new physics at high energy colliders".

Dr. Teny Theresa John , working in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, have received the DST (fast track) (Govt. of India) project. The project title is "Photoluminescence studies on undoped and transition metal doped ZnO nanoparticles".

The Ph.D scholar Mrs. S. Dhavala is awarded with the DST inspire fellowship.

Faculty/Student Publication

Dr. Kinjal Banerjee get his work on "gauge theory of gravity" published in Class. Quantum Grav. 30 205015 (2013).

The Ph.D scholar Mr. J. Selvaganapathy get his work on "Supernovae explosion" published in Int. Jour. of Mod. Phys. A28 (2013), 1350152 .



Prof. A.K.Majumdar (R.M.V. University and ex-Professor of IIT Kanpur) recently visited the physics department and gave a talk on Magnetism.

Seminar corner

Departmental seminars
 We start the department seminar series this semester with the following talk by

Dr. Madhu Kallingalthodi
Topic:Lorentz violating scenarios for beyond standard model physics
Date: 07-Mar-2015 (Saturday)
Time:   12.00 pm
venue: C-301

Contact us

Prof. Gaurav Dar
Head, Department of Physics 
BITS-Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
NH-17B, Zuarinagar, Goa-403726, INDIA
Tel.  + 91 (832) 2580 326 
Fax:+ 91 (832) 2580 148 
Email: gdar@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in 
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