Department of Physics

Seminar (Guest and Departments)


Guest Seminar

Prof. Yoshiro Azuma, from Sophia University, tokyo and visiting faculty at IIT Delhi

Title: "Science and higher education in Japan and India: Historical perspectives, current issues, student cultures and tips for exchange. "

Date and time: 7th March, 2024 at 6 PM

Venue: DLT 9


Guest Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Sandeep Goyal (IISER Mohali)

Title: Measurement-based quantum Computation in Photonic Systems

Date and Time: 23 February, Friday at 4 PM

Venue: D104


Department Seminar

Speaker: Prof. Indrani Chakraborty.

Title: Programmable self-assembly: Can we make things put themselves together?

Date and time: Monday 29th January, 2024 at 4PM

Venue: Department conference room