Goa is a well-known and popular hotspot on the tourist map of India and the world. The name immediately brings to one’s mind the lush green meadows, hills and valleys, the sea and its attractive beaches. This charm and beauty sets the right ambience for BITS, Pilani  K K Birla Goa Campus, an Institute of excellence in Technology and Sciences.

Nesting in the lap of verdant hills, overlooking the Zuari River, the Campus is spread over an area of 180 acres. The location of campus is unique in the respect of scenic beauty and panoramic view of picturesque surrounding encompassing Zuari River, hillocks, waterways, forests and landscape. The BITS, Pilani - K. K. Birla Goa Campus, is about 10 kms south of Vasco-da-Gama, 20 kms north of Margaon and 7 kms east of Goa Airport, along National Highway – 17B, Bypass road. In the midst of idyllic, sylvan beauty, the Campus houses the Main building, having academic and administrative offices, Guest House, Hostels for boys and girls, Student Activity Centre, faculty and staff quarters, Medical Centre, Playground and Shopping Complex. The location of the campus is unique in the respect of scenic beauty and panoramic view of picturesque surroundings encompassing Zuari River, hillocks, roads, waterways, forests, and landscape.

The Campus, in keeping with the tradition of innovation and creativity, has given a state-of-the-art touch to the infrastructure of the entire institute without diminishing in the least, the natural beauty of Goa, surrounding its Campus. Spacious Labs State of art Classrooms with soundproof acoustics, modern furniture, computer labs with Internet facility and Library define the infrastructural counters of the institution.

Being fully residential, separate hostels are provided for both girls and boys. The students are provided with single room accommodation, furnished with a bed, a wardrobe, a computer cum study table, a mirror and black granite shelf. Internet connection is provided in each room as a part of Project BITS Connect!. Entertainment facilities are in the each hostel’s common room with TV and cable connection and with National and Local newspapers.

A Shopping Complex with, departmental store, cafeteria, bank and all other utility shops provide needful support to the campus inmates. The campus also has a Medical Centre with two doctors, pharmacist and other support staff who provide round the clock medical coverage to all the residents of the institute.

The Goa Campus was commissioned in August 2004

To be amongst the global leaders in education promoting innovation in every field and providing an atmosphere that promotes cross disciplinary interaction and research by students and faculty alike.

Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

The Institute is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, and to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world's great challenges. BITS is dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community. We seek to develop in each member of the BITS community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.

The pursuit of excellence requires a transparent and honest approach. At BITS Pilani, we have always believed this to be true and are one of the few top institutes in India to favour a ‘Merit Only’ based admission policy.

To ensure complete transparency in student intake in the undergraduate courses we have instituted BITSAT, a fully online exam. BITSAT tests students on their aptitude for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. BITSAT also has a section on English and Logical reasoning, thus becoming a complete analysis of a candidate’s intelligence and capability.

Director’s Message

“BITS Pilani is a renowned institute offering higher education in the fields of science, engineering, pharmacy and management. A deemed university since 1964, BITS Pilani has a history spanning more than a century”

Birla Goa campus – a world of wonders!

BITS Pilani is a transformational, unique educational organization with state-of-art facilities that promote and sustain high quality teaching, learning and research. It is a frontrunner in teaching pedagogy and one of its kind in the education sector; we pioneered the semester system in India, dual degree, modular student choice-based credit system, industry-linked programs like Practice School and Work Integrated Learning Programme, minor courses in emerging areas of engineering and science, offshore campus and many more. What BITS Pilani thinks today, India thinks tomorrow. The Goa campus provides vigor and dynamism, a progressive and modern outlook and another set of wings for BITS Pilani to fly and soar high.

Experiential learning, hands-on-training, innovation and entrepreneurship are ingrained in the DNA of BITS Pilani - this is ur crypto currency and lifeline of our graduates. We created incubators and technology hubs on the campus and a maker bhawan is on the way. No wonder, thus, that we are ranked among the top 300 in QS World University Graduate Employability Rankings 2022. We are the only private institute from India in the top 200 in QS Asia University Ranking!

What is extremely important is that we successfully provide a “thinking cap” for our smart, dynamic, enterprising pool of students. We provide them with tools and methodologies and drive to dream big, to pursue their passion, to solve problems that our community, country and the world at large faces today. We achieve this through our world-class passionate and dedicated teachers, ably enabled by a pool of premiere support staff, who are second to none. Along with teaching, they bring the best of research in terms of publications, citations, patents, sophisticated instrumentations, grants and awards to the eager and knowledge thirsty students. Teaching and research are complemented with technology, workshops, seminars, conferences, colloquiums, symposiums and various other scholastic activities that prepare students for an independent career. In no time, they join the bandwagon of BITSian entrepreneurs, start-ups, co-founders, academicians and a strong alumni network of achievers, who have contributed immensely to the growth and development of India as a nation, in the vision of our founding fathers Shri G.D. Birla and Shri K.K. Birla. For such significant contributions and the ability to stay ahead, BITS Pilani has been recognized as an Institute of Eminence by the Government of India in 2020.

In addition, we provide various facilities, including sports and medical infrastructure, for an eventful and enjoyable student experience on campus, with high living standards. We complement these with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, fests and community cultural events. The enabling, free and warm ambience on this beautiful campus, combined with inspirational support from teachers and administration breeds competence and creativity, with the repertoire of student clubs and student-led events being a testimony to the same. Our cozy hostel rooms, classrooms or even the open spaces are hotbeds of innovation, creativity and leadership. Students here feel at home away from home and forge lifelong enduring friendships.

Our efforts bear fruits as we see with MARS Rovers, an initiative driven by students, and their creation is winning accolades worldwide. Five of our recent graduates and alumni were featured in the Forbes list of 30 entrepreneurs under 30. Students from this campus regularly win awards in various hackathons, coding competitions, science competitions, conferences and global events. The story does not end with science, technology and engineering, since students excel is various other walks of life including music, sports and literature. Nirmaan, yet another remarkable creation by BITS Pilani students, has set standards of social entrepreneurship in the country and they are touching lives by the thousands. We, at Goa campus, are sensitive to the needs of the state community and our public outreach is ever expanding.

We are committed to wholesome and well-rounded education that empowers students with skills and empathy to adapt to any challenges and excel. We ensure that our students are placed in the best of companies or they pursue higher education in the best of Universities or they create jobs for themselves and others. We provide students with a coin with “Success” imprinted on both sides. BITScoin, as I call it, is a way of life here. We welcome everyone to our world, the BITSverse.

Wish you all the very best!

Prof. Suman Kundu

Director, BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa


The oldest of the four BITS Pilani campuses, the Pilani campus currently houses 13 departments spanning the gamut of pure science, applied science, humanities and management.

administrative contacts

Administrative Contacts
Name Phone (Office)
Phone (Personal)
Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani
Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao
E-mail:  vc@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in 

Col Soumyabrata Chakraborty (Retd)
Email: registrar@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in

Director, BITS Pilani,
K K Birla Goa Campus
E-mail: skundu@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
0832-2580101 0832-2580101
Joint Registrar
K K Birla Goa Campus
Mr. Sailesh Narayan Mohanty
E-mail(Official): jointregistrar@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
E-mail: sailesh@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Assistant Registrar
K K Birla Goa Campus
Ms. Anjali N. Dixit
E-mail:  anjalindixit@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai
Email: director@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Director-in-Charge : International programmes and Collaboration +91-1596-515221

Campus-Wide Deans

Name Designation Telephone (office)
Prof. Meenal Kowshik
E-mail: deanadmin@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : Administration +91-0832-2580304

Institute-Wide Deans

Name Designation Telephone (office)
Prof. Ajit Pratap Singh
Email: aps@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : AdministrationDean : Academic – Undergraduate Studies +91-1596-255235
Prof. M. B. Srinivas
Email: mbs@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : Academic – Graduate Studies & Research +91-40-66303521
Prof. Souri Banerjee
E-mail: souri@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : Faculty Affairs +91-40-66303513
Prof. S Gurunarayanan
E-mail: deanwilp@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : Work Integrated
Learning Programmes (WILP)
Prof. S. P. Regalla
Email: regalla@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean, Practice School +91-1596-255274
Prof. Sanket Goel
Email: sgoel@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : Research and Innovation / Grants, Consultancy, and Industrial Research +91-40-66303686
Prof. Arya Kumar
Email: aryakumar@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : Alumni Relations +91-1596-255671
Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri
Email: dean.ipcd@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Dean : International Programmes and Collaborations 0832 – 2580125
Prof. Snehanshu Saha
Email: head.appcair@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Head, Institute wide : Anuradha and Prashanth Palakurthi Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (APPCAIR) 0832 – 2580855
Associate Deans
Phone (Office)
Office (Res.)
Associate Dean : Alumni Affairs
[Prof. Nitin Sharma]
E-mail: nitinn@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : Academic – Graduate Studies and Research
[Prof. Bharat M. Deshpande]
E-mail: bmd@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : Academic – Undergraduate Studies
[Prof. Biju K. Raveendran]
E-mail: biju@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : Faculty Affairs
[Prof. Prasanta Kumar Das]
E-mail: pdas@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
0832-2580448 0832-2580744
Associate Dean : International Programmes and Collaboration
[Prof. Rajesh Mehrotra]
E-mail: rajeshm@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : Practice School
[Prof. Vikas V. Chaudhari]
E-mail: vikas@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : Grants, Consultancy, and Industrial Research
[Prof. Shibu Clement]
E-mail: shibu@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : Student Welfare
[Prof. Angshuman Sarkar]
E-mail: asarkar@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : WILP
[Prof. Ethirajulu Senthamarai Kannan]
E-mail: eskannan@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Dean : WILP (Online Programmes)
[Prof. K. R. Anupama]
E-mail: anupkr@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Associate Head (In-Charge): School of Interdisciplinary Research and Entrepreneurship (SIRE)
[Prof. Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi]
E-mail: rajivc@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Name Phone (office) Phone (Res.)
Professor In-charge, BITS Entrance Examinations
[Prof. Chittaranjan Hota]
E-mail: hota@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

Professor In-charge, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research
[Prof. Ashwin Srinivasan]
E-mail: ashwin@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
0832 2580 111

Professor In-charge, Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
[Prof. Sanket Goel]
E-mail: sgoel@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

Faculty In-charge(s)
Function Faculty Member
Phone (Office) Phone (Res.)
Academic Research Prof. Manoj Kumar Pandey manojp
0832-2580279 0832-2580547
Admissions Dr. Pravin Mane pravinmane 0832-2580255 0832-2580561
Central Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility Dr. Raviprasad Aduri aduri 0832-2580394 0832-2580538
Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) Prof. Saroj S. Baral ssbaral 0832-2580119 0832-2580731
Chief Warden Prof. Sukanta Mondal suku 0832-2580149 0832-2580544
Community Welfare Unit Dr. Shilpa Gondhali shilpag 0832-2580366 0832-2580542
Computer Centre Unit Prof. Sanjay Kumar Sahay ssahay 0832-2580243 0832-2580536
Entrepreneur Cell Prof. Mridula Goel mridula 0832-2580254 0832-2580735
Placement Division Dr. Devendra Gokul Patil
0832-2580246 0832-2580754
Registration, Academic Counselling and Monitoring Prof. Teny Theresa John
0832-2580253 --
Teaching Learning Centre Prof. Toby Joseph
Time Table Dr. Tincy L. Thomas tincy 0832-2580116 0832-2580790
Head of Department
Discipline Faculty Member
Phone (Office) Phone (Res.)
 Biological Sciences  Prof. Dibakar Chakrabarty
0832-2580173 0832-2580741
 Chemical Engineering  Prof. Srinivas Krishnaswamy srinivas 0832-2580308 0832-2580504
 Chemistry  Prof. Halan Prakash
 Computer Science & Info. Sys  Prof. Santonu Sarkar santonus 0832-2580854 0832-2580764
 Economics and Finance  Prof. Ch. V. V. S. N. V. Prasad
 EEE and E&I  Prof. Abhijit Pethe abhijitp
0832-2580214 0832-2580550
 Humanities & Social Sciences  Prof. K. A. Geetha geetha 0832-2580232
 Mechanical Engineering  Prof. G. Karthikeyan
0832-2580267 0832-2580564
 Mathematics  Prof. Jajati Keshari Sahoo
0832-2580441 0832-2580549
 Physics  Prof. Patincharath Nandakumar
Centre Specific Contacts
Centre@BITS Contact Person Phone
Technology Business Incubator Prof. Mridula Goel
Center for Technical Education Prof. Bharat Deshpande
Incharge For General Functions
Division In-Charge Name Email(@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in Phone (office) Phone (Res.)
Accounts & Finance Mr. Ian Francis Sardinha
0832-2580127 --
Library Dr. Anuradha V
0832-2580402 --
Medical Centre Dr. Paresh Ashok Mahabal (Deputy CMO) pareshm 0832-2580680 ---
Public Relations Unit Arjun C Halarnkar
Purchase, Stores & Estate Maintainance Mr. A. K. Patil akpatil 0832-2580399 0832-2580708
Student Activity Centre Ajaykumar Rajpati Kewat (Physical Education Instructor) ajaykumark 0832-2580717 ---
Hostel Wardens
Wardens Name Hostels
Phone (Office) Phone (Res.)
Prof. Sukanta Mondal (Chief Warden)

suku 0832-2580149 0832-2580544
Dr. Arfat Anmad Sofi AH 1
0832-2580263 ---
Dr. Arfat Anmad Sofi AH 2
Dr. Pradeep Boggarapu AH 3 ah3warden
0832-2580432 0832-2580785
Dr. Pritanshu Ranjan AH 4
Prof. Ashish Chittora AH 5 ah5warden
0832-2580229 --
Prof. Raviprasad Aduri AH 6 ah6warden
Dr. Amol Deshpande AH 7
Prof. Tusar Tirtha Saha AH 8
0832-2580276 ---
Dr. Naveen Gupta
AH 9
Prof. Varinder Singh CH 1 ch1warden
0832-2580113 0832-2580737
Prof. Varinder Singh CH 2
0832-2580113 0832-2580737
Prof. Indrani Talukdar CH 3
0832-2580359 --
Dr. Sayantani Sarkar CH 4
Dr. Ritika Jaiswal CH 5
Dr. Ritika Jaiswal CH 6
Dr. Anushaya Mohapatra CH 7 ch7warden
0832-2580426 0832-2580565
Dr. Mohan Kumar Bera DH 1
Dr. Nilesh Dadasaheb Pawar DH 2
Dr. Ravi Kadlimatti DH 3
Dr. Kanchan Manna DH 4
Prof. Kiran Dinkar Mali DH 5
Prof. Vivek R DH 6
Issue Specific Contacts
Functions/issues Contact Person Phone
Admissions: On Campus
Dr. Pravin Mane
Faculty In-charge
E-mail: fic.admissions@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
(O) 08322580-255
Admissions: Off Campus
Prof. S Gurunarayanan
Dean (University Wide), Work Integrated Learning Programmes
E-mail: deanwilp@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Office: +91-1596-255216
Office: +91-1596-255239
Academic Research
Prof. Bharat M. Deshpande
Associate Deans, Academic Graduate Studies and Research (AGSR)
Grants, Consultancy, and Industrial Research
Prof. Sanket Goel
Dean (University Wide), Research and Innovation
Prof. Shibu Clement
Associate Dean, Grants, Consultancy, and Industrial Research
(O) 0832-2580298
Accreditation, Recognition, Equivalence etc.
Col Soumyabrata Chakraborty (Retd)
E-mail: registrar@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Personal: +91-1596-255298
Office: +91-1596-242192

Issue of Transcripts, continuing transcripts, duplicate copy of Degree Certificates (incase of loss/theft) : On Campus
Prof. Biju K. Raveendran
Associate Dean, Academic – Undergraduate Studies
Personal E-mail: biju@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Office E-mail: arctranscript@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Registration: On Campus Prof. Teny Theresa John
Faculty In-charge, Academic Registration & Counseling
E-mail: teny@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Academic Counselling and Monitoring Prof. Teny Theresa John
Faculty In-charge, Academic Registration & Counseling
E-mail: teny@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Registration: Off Campus

Office: +91-1596-255343
Office: +91-1596-255216
Office: +91-1596-255324
Establishment of new Practice School (PS) stations, PS- specific query/feedback
Prof. Vikas Vinayak Chaudhari
Associate Dean
E-mail: vikas@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in

Office: 0832-2580117
Time Table
Dr. Tincy L. Thomas
Faculty In-Charge, Time Table
E-mail: fic.timetable@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Issues related to UGC, AICTE, PCI
Office: +91-1596-255204
Issues related to NAAC

Issues related to International Programmes and Collaborations Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri
E-mail: srikanth@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
IT infrastructure, services & management
Prof. Sanjay Kumar Sahay
In-Charge, Computer Centre Unit
E-mail: ssahay@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Software Development, Research, Technology & Consultancy Prof. Sanjay Kumar Sahay
In-Charge, Computer Centre Unit
E-mail: ssahay@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Library Dr. Anuradha V
E-mail: anuradhav@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Student welfare & related issues Prof. Angshuman Sarkar
Associate Dean, Student Welfare
E-mail: asarkar@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Campus Maintenance Sr. General Manager (Estate Manager)
Mr. A K Patil
E-mail: akpatil@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
Public Relations Chief Manager, Public Relations
Mr. Arjun C Halarnkar
In-Charge, Public Relations
E-mail: arjunh@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
(O) 0832-2580193
Mobile : (0)9527272142
Security related issues
Mr. Pradip Kumar Yadav
Chief Security Officer
E-mail: pradipy@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in
e-mail/Website related issues
Mr. Om Prakash
E-mail: omp@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in


Following trademarks are registered by Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

NIRF - 2023

Building The Foundation Of Change

NIRMAAN - an organisation founded by BITS Pilani students with a passion to fulfil their responsibility towards the less privileged people of society.

Social Responsibility Initiative by BITS Goa

The BITS Goa Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship Society (BGIIES) is a registered Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, in February 2020, having its office in BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Zuarinagar, Goa, India.

The Society was set up with an aim to:

  • To promote, encourage, and sustain activities and programs contributing to innovation, incubation & entrepreneurship education and development.
  • To establish and administer the Business Incubators (BIs) in any location in India in order to promote innovation based startups.

Currently the Society is supporting the BITS BIRAC BioNEST incubator, BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus.

Sustainable Environment

Campus is steadily moving towards sustainability in electricity, water & uses of natural resources. Water conservation and systematic distribution of portable water supply is managed and monitored efficiently. Water used by campus residents is treated scientifically and recycled back to use in the campus, where as the recycled water is being reused in flushing systems & in horticulture work. Our aim is to make it zero discharge campus.