Academic - Undergraduate Studies Division (AUGSD)

AUGSD serves as the central node for all the academic of BITS for all First Degree students. Students get guidance and information regarding their curriculum, academic performance and timetable through the division. Maintenance of student's academic history is also done by the division. AUGSD facilitates the usage of various academic flexibilities available to the students. The entire work of AUGSD is handled through Instruction and Registration team.

Academic Counselling Board (ACB)

The Academic Counselling Board is a Senate appointed statutory body of the institute. As part of academic  counselling activity it functions to help students having one or more of the following afflictions:

1. Securing more than 1E ( First degree students) or any E grade ( Higher degree students)
2. Obtaining a CGPA of less than 4.5 ( First degree students) or 5.5 ( Higher degree students)
3. Unable to clear courses as are prescribed for a period that corresponds to two-thirds of the number of semesters spent by him/her since his/her entry into a particular program.

The Board consists of the following members and meets at least twice every semester to discuss the academic status of the students within its purview

Academic Counselling and Monitoring (ACM)

The ACM (Academic Counselling and Monitoring) mentoring committee is an internal committee which has been formed to look into the close mentoring of the students at a one-to-one basis. The committee meets at least two times in a semester to discuss the performance of the students and to guide them accordingly.

AUGSD Services

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Nucleus Members


Name:Prof Biju k. Raveendran

Associate Dean (AUGSD)


Chamber No: D-248

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