Center for Technical Education

Center for Technical Education


Center for Technical Education (CTE) is a department headed by Prof Bharat Deshpande, HOD, CS/IS ( ), for the purpose of imparting knowledge on application oriented courses/topics.

  • The idea is to build a sustainable system for passing knowledge from seniors to juniors. In the sense that juniors wanting to learn a new field may benefit more by learning the basics from their seniors quickly and building much more on top of that rather than the DIY(Do It Yourself) approach from scratch.
  • To expose students early on to the popular research areas in Engineering to broaden their knowledge base rather than simply sticking to the academic curriculum.
  • We employ a mentorship model, with 3rd or 4th year students teaching under the guidance of faculty members and 2nd year students acting as mentors for the course. This helps us ensure sustainability.
  • The courses are designed to be more practice oriented and some evaluation components are Hackathon's and a coding assignment or a term project in a few courses.
  • Each course has a faculty mentor assigned,who oversees the quality of the course being taught.


To serve as a platform for research activities on campus. We are looking to collaborate with companies in the form of undertaking their projects (simpler to start off with) along with a mentor, to further provide a real industry exposure to students early on and for the companies to eventually build a talent pool on our campus.

What's in for the students taking the courses? :

The students who successfully complete the course,get an certificate on the institute's letterhead signed by Prof. Bharat Deshpande. These certificates are something they can brag about ,be it placements,M.S. applications, and especially internships applications.

Research at CTE

Last semester we were able to successfully complete the first run with 5 courses,

  1. Windows Application development using C#,
  2. Advanced Image Processing,
  3. Computer Vision,
  4. Introductory Robotics and
  5. Web Development.

Next semester we have the following confirmed courses by now :Generally we have a higher version of courses in the subsequent semester, for e.g. Advanced Robotics ,but since new admissions are coming in next semester,we decided to repeat the courses.

  1. Windows Application development using C#,
  2. Advanced Image Processing,
  3. D Modelling using CATIA and Ansys,
  1. Introductory Robotics,
  2. Web Development and
  3. Introduction to Python.