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Research Grants & Ongoing Projects

Research Projects

List of Ongoing/Completed Projects

Title of Project:   Investigation into issues in Deploying Software Defined Networks on Traditional Network Infrastructure
CI/PI:   K. Haribabu
Funding Agency:  
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 8.20

Title of Project:   Wireless Network Virtualization: IEEE 802.11 Test-Bed implementation and wireless NIC virtualization
CI/PI: Vishal Gupta
Funding Agency: 
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 8.50

Title of Project:   Multi Agent Based Indoor Exploration with Miniature Robots
CI/PI: Sudeept Mohan, JP Misra, Avinash Gautam
Funding Agency:  DRDO CAIR
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 20

Title of Project:   To Strengthen the Wireless Sensor Networking and Mobile Computing Research Facility
CI/PI: Rahul Banerjee
Funding Agency: DST- FIST
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 53.00

Title of Project:   Information Gathering from Encrypted Mobile Phone Applications
CI/PI: "Ashutosh Bhatia (PI) Kamlesh Tiwari (Co-PI)"
Funding Agency: DRDO CAIR 
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 9.295

Title of Project:   Design & Development of Opninon mining Framework
CI/PI: Yashvardhan Sharma
Funding Agency: DST SERB
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 13.260

Title of Project:   A new distributed Computing framework for data mining
CI/PI: Navneet Goyal, Poonam Goyal, Shan B.
Funding Agency: DietY HPC
Amount Sanctioned (in Lakh): 120.200

Other Research Projects

  • Project BITS-LifeGuard: A wearable computing project for saving human lives from road accidents caused due to  reflex-degradation of the vehicular driver
  • Project BITS-HeartGuard: Aimed at early detection of select types of cardiac anomalies using non-invasive sensors embedded into a wearable computing device (created atop a Fault-Tolerant Wired Body Area Network).
  • Project Communicate: A project involving IoT and HCI aimed at helping autism-affected children and young adults
  • Project Connect: A project involving IoT and HCI aimed at developing solutions for the elderly people
  • Project FlexNet: A project in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) area aimed at help improved Fedearted Data Centre Networking
  • Project Food-Sense: A Project involving the use of IoT to sense and alert related to possible or imminent food-poisoning in Messes, Large Eateries as well as Remotely Located School Kitchens in the rural and semi-rural areas
  • Project Any-Learn: An Open-edX-derived MOOC Platform Project to work as BITS Pilani's future platform for MOOC as well as SPOC offerings
  • Project Enable: A project involving assistive technologies for the differently-abled  

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