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Departmental Policy for Permitting Off-Campus Thesis/Dissertations

Aspirants interested in applying for Off-Campus First Degree Thesis or Higher Degree Dissertation are hereby advised to kindly carefully go through this Policy Document before applying for seeking such permissions:

  • In all areas wherein the Department does have local expertise and necessary research infrastructure, the first attempt must be made by the student to find a willing Advisor/Guide or Co-Guide within the Department before looking elsewhere. This is NOT to constrain aspirants but to ensure that the local expertise and facilities are put to good use and on-campus research activities continue to evolve and thus mutually benefit the Institute and the students.
  • In case, department does not have expertise/research-equipment in a given sub-area, but it is available elsewhere and the faculty/researcher in the other organization has an existing research collaboration (or is keen on exploring such a possibility) with a faculty in the Department and is thus both willing and able to become an Advisor/Guide/Co-Guide, applications may be considered.
  • It is mandatory that either a Guide or Co-Guide is taken from the Department (i.e. a faculty member and the chosen off-campus researcher agree to collaborate, a-priori and hence become Guide/Co-guide).

Please note that the emphasis, here, is on the Faculty member’s own research inclinations and consequent willingness to become a guide/co-guide to an aspirant for such an off-campus venture rather than his merely agreeing post-facto the student’s approaching him with an internship-offer in hand.

  • Last date of filling Off -Campus Thesis / Dissertation applications as per PSD/ARD/ID/ARCD advisory is for both the Semesters of the next Academic Session is March 31, 2017.
  • Only hard copy submissions are permitted as per PSD/ARD stipulations. Also hard copies of supporting authentic documents are required to be submitted along with the application.
  • PSD deadlines are NOT in hand of departments. Any PS to TS applications must comply the PSD deadlines. NOC from PSD for off-campus thesis or dissertation may thus be obtained only by those who apply to PSD before deadline given by them.

The Departmental Research Committee would examine all applications of the eligible aspirants which are received by the deadline mentioned above (or the previous working day, in case the Institute is closed on this day) for a Thesis/Dissertation to be carried out in the next Academic Session. Decision of the DRC->PSD/ARD shall be final in this matter.

Eligibility:Please note that mere eligibility does NOT guarantee grant of permission.

Part-A: For single degree (FD) students of Students of B.E. (CS) and Higher Degree students of M.E.(CS) or M.E.(SS)

  • Such aspirants need to fill up the official form available at the ARD Website and submit to PSD first for its No Objection Certificate before submitting their completed application to the HoD: CS & IS.
  • This is necessary since as per the current policy of the Institute, communicated via the ARD, no student shall be allowed to do such a Thesis or Dissertation if there does exist a PS-2 station in an organization or if there does exist a WILP Programme in place, unless PSD and WILP issue their NoC.
  • Additional Eligibility Criteria by the Department:

Aspirants MUST ensure that they satisfy ALL the following conditions before they submit their applications to the department in the above –referred ARD Form:

  • They should have a CGPA of 8 or above at the time of applying.
  • There should be one-page document containing the Title of the proposed Thesis/Dissertation, Brief Background / Motivation, Abstract of the Proposed Work, Name and Location of the Off-Campus Research Laboratory or Institution of Higher Learning (in India/Abroad), Name of the Off-campus Advisor/Guide/Co-Guide with his / her Official E-mail Id, Phone Number, FAX Number, Name of the Advisor/Guide/Co-Guide from the Department (on-campus) with his/ her contact details
  • Evidence of aspirant’s acceptance for the referred duration at the chosen off-campus location in form of Official Letter, Official E-mail, FAX etc. (The term ‘Official mail’, here, means a mail sent from an Official E-mail ID (no personal gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc. are considered official).
  • There should be a clear evidence of some form of assistantship/stipend/financial support that would be made available by the chosen Off-campus Research Laboratory / Institution of Higher Learning since such a commitment indicates the serious interest the chosen organization/Advisor may have in engaging with an aspirant.
  • There should be one faculty member in the Department who would agree, before submission of application, to become Advisor/Co-Advisor or Guide/Co-Guide and who, in consultation with the off-campus Advisor/Co-Advisor or Guide/Co-Guide would be willing to take responsibility of periodic evaluation of work done and carrying out Mid-Sem and End-Sem Grading in time and submitting it to the Institute (HoD and through him to the ARD).
  • Identified Departmental Guide/Co-Guide and the identified Off-Campus Researcher must have discussed with each-other the possibility of a close research collaboration involving the two Co-Guides and the Aspirant.


Part-B: For dual degree (FD) students of Students, whose second degree is B.E. (CS)

  • Dual degree students MUST note that in addition to the eligibility points referred in Part-A, above, one additional constraint apply to them, in view of Curricular Structure and Academic Regulations, as on today.

If their First Degree is other than CS, they can only seek such a permission only from the corresponding HoD. (For instance, a student who is B4A7, can only seek such a permission with respect to his/her first of two degrees (i.e. B4 (Maths)) from Head of the Department of Mathematics since his or her Second Degree is A7 and by default there is the PS-2 option for his/her Professional Degree unless he or she has got his/her PS to TS conversion has been approved by the PSD.)

Process followed by the department, post receipt of valid (i.e. an application that is complete-in all respects) application:

  • After the deadline of receipt, DRC examines each such application and takes a call within a week from the deadline stated.
  • Decision of the DRC shall be final and binding.

Policy for Off Campus Thesis/Dissertations

Policy for Off Campus Thesis/Dissertations