Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences


General Biology: what students say!!!

Course Number
Course Title
First Semester
BIO F110
Biology Laboratory
BIO F111
General Biology
BIO F212
BIO F213
Cell Biology
BIO F214
Integrative Biology
BIO F215
BIO F312
Plant Physiology
BIO F313
Animal Physiology
BIO G512
Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Expression
BIO G523
Advanced and Applied Microbiology
BIO G524
Animal Cell Technology
BIO G525
Environmental Biotechnology and Waste Management
BIO G542
Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology
Second Semester 
BIO F241
 Ecology and Environmental Science
BIO F242
Introduction to Bioinformatics
BIO F243
BIO F244
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
BIO F311
Recombinant DNA Technology 
BIO F341
Developmental Biology
BIO F342
BIO G643
Plant Biotechnology
List of Electives 
BIO F352
Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques
BIO F411
BIO F413
Molecular Biology of the Cell
BIO F417
Biomolecular Modeling
BIO F418
Genetic Engineering Techniques
BIO F419
Molecular Evolution
BIO F421
BIO F431
Reproductive Physiology
BIO F441
Biochemical Engineering
BIO F451
Bioprocess Technology
BIO G513
Microbial and Fermentation Technology
BIO G514
Molecular Immunology
BIO G515
Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
BIO G522
Interferon Technology
BIO G526
Cancer Biology
BIO G532
Biostatistics and Biomodeling
BIO G544
Bioremediation and Biometallurgy
BIO G545
Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology
BIO G612
Human Genetics
BIO G631
Membrane and Liposome Technology
BIO G632
Transgenic Technology
BIO G642
Experimental Techniques
BIO G651
Protein and Enzyme Bioengineering
BIO G661
Gene Toxicology
BIO G671
Bioconversion Technology