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Raviprasad Aduri
Office C-206
Arnab Banerjee
Office C Ex. 4
Veeky Baths
Office B-409
Malabika Biswas
Office B-110
Sumit Biswas
Office C-212
Judith Braganca 
Office C-205
Dibakar Chakrabarty
Office B-215
Anasuya Ganguly
Office C-202
Meenal Kowshik
Office C-204
Kundan Kumar
Office B-112
Sukanta Mondal
Office B-111
Srikanth Mutnuri (HoD)
Office C-201
Vijayashree Nayak
Office B-210
Utpal Roy
Office C-203
Angshuman Sarkar
Office B-213
Indrani Talukdar
Office C Ex.1
Sandhya Mehrotra
Office C.Ex-3
Rajesh Mehrotra
Office C.Ex-6
Tusar Tirtha Saha
Office A401/2
Samit Chattopadhyay
Office C 211

  • Ramalingaswami fellow

     Dr. Nikhil Kumar

  • Research Scholars

    Akansha Savardekar Institute. Fellow

    Metabolic Syndrome Associated Cancer

    Anant Yadav DBT, JRF Applied Environmental Biotechnology
    Angela Samanta DBT Project Fellow Study the effect of Quinacrine on regulation of Rho like small GTPase & apoptosis in human lung and breast cancer cell lines cultured in vitro
    Ansie Martin Institute Fellow Nanotoxicology
    Anumeha Vats Project Assistant Environmental Biotechnology
    Avijit Das SRF Molecular Biology of the Gene Regulatory Elements of Bacteria and Bacteriophages
    Bibhudutta Mishra Institute Fellow(DTC) Understanding RNA-RNA & RNA-Protein interactions at a molecular level using computational tools
    Chitra Nair DBT-SRF Toxinology
    Divashree Institute Fellow Structural Biology, Vibrio life cycle
    Fiona Fernandes Institute Fellow Nanobiotechnology
    Gautam Krishnan Institute Fellow Cloning and expression of Mycobacterial proteins
    Gautam Kumar B. JRF Computational Neuroscience
    Guruprasad V Talekar JRF Environmental Biotechnology
    Jiss Maria Louis JRF RNA biology
    Joseph R D Fernandes JRF Reproductive Endocrinology and Disease
    Laxminarayan Rawat JRF Molecular Genetics
    M Monsoor Shaik SRF Biomedical engineering
    Makhan Kumar UGC-JRF Cancer Biology
    Mansi Baveja DST INSPIRE SRF Toxinology
    Manali Malvanker BRNS, JRF Plant Biotechnology
    Merina Dhara Institute Fellow Computational Biology
    Navodipa Bhattacharya DST, INSPIRE Toxinology
    Nayan .A. Mate CSIR- UGC-JRF Reproductive Endocrinology
    Nilesh.L.Dahibhate CSIR Phytochemistry
    Nivedita Kolvekar CMR, Research Assistant Toxinology
    Nupur Kumar ICMR SRF Tissue Engineering
    Om Prakash Chouhan JRF Physicochemical studies on the mutants of the VC0395_0300 protein of Vibrio cholerae
    Priya Sharma JRF Environmental Biotechnology
    Pinky Dhatterwal Institute Fellow Plant Promoter Biology
    Pooja Kotharkar SERB,SRF NanoBiotechnolgy
    Prajakta Bhende Institute Fellow Microbiology & Cell Culture
    Rakesh Manuka JRF Plant Biotechnology
    Ram Chavan JRF Wastewater treatment by microalgae
    Rehan Ahmed Deshmukh JRF Environmental Microbiology
    Shameer Ahmed .B Institute Fellow Nanomedicine and Radiosensitization in oral cancer
    Sneha Lata Institute Fellow Plant Promoter Biology
    Starlaine Mascarenhas ICMR Plant Promoter Biology

  • Staff

     Mrs. Kamna Upadhyay Technical Assistant  343
     Mr. Mahadeo NG Shetkar Technical Attendant
     Mr. Mahaling Lamani Lab Attendant  327  
     Ms. Pallavi Anand Borkar Office Assistant   343



Ketaki Deshmukh
Awarded the Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral & Professional Research Program for 2014-2015. 
Kabilan Mani 
Raman – Charpak Fellowship 2013 by the Centre Franco-Indien pour la Promotion de la Recherché Avancee (CEFIPRA) for Doctoral students at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France for a period of six months. 
Shruti Balaji 
Awarded the Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral & Professional Research Program for 2012-2013. 
Srikanth Mutnuri
Department of Biotechnology (BIRAC) and Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation Award under, Grand Challenges India - Re-invent the Toilet Challenge -India. 

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