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Faculty members in Department of Biological Sciences

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Prof. UTPAL ROY  uroy[At] 303 Personal Website
Dr. VEEKY BATHS veeky[At] 436 Personal Website
Dr. SUMIT BISWAS sumit[At] 178 Personal Website
Dr. MALABIKA BISWAS mbiswas[At] 136 Personal Website
Dr. JUDITH M. BRAGANCA judith[At] 305 Personal Website
Dr. DIBAKAR CHAKRABARTY dibakarchakrabarty[At] 173 Personal Website
Dr. ANASUYA GANGULY ganguly[At] 244 Personal Website
Prof. MEENAL KOWSHIK (HOD) meenal[At] 304 Personal Website
Mr. GAUTAM KRISHNAN gautam[At] 190 Personal Website
Dr. SRIKANTH M. srikanth[At] 125 Personal Website
Dr. VIJAYASHREE NAYAK vijayashree[At] 161 Personal Website
Dr. ANGSHUMAN SARKAR asarkar[At] 261 Personal Website
Dr. SUKANTA MONDAL suku[At] 149 Personal Website
Dr. KUNDAN KUMAR kundan[At] 196 Personal Website
Dr. INDRANI TALUKDAR indranit[At] 359 Personal Website
Dr. ARNAB BANERJEE arnabb[At] 361 Personal Website
Dr. RAVIPRASAD ADURI aduri[At] 394 Personal Website

Conference or Workshops

Conferences / Workshops organised by the Department

International Conference on Microbes in waste water Treatment from January 24th to 27th, 2011. Organised in association with Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France welcome you to the first International Water Association - IWA’s

American Society for Microbiology Sponsored International Workshop on Bioremediation (IWB-2010) JANUARY 4 - 16 , 2010

National conference on Anaerobic Digestion and Renewable Energy through Microbes (Jan13th - 15th, 2009) Sponsored by DAAD, DST and UGC

Workshop on ‘Executive Development Programme on Public Health and Ethics’ (November 30th to 1st December, 2008)

63rd BRNS - IANCAS National Workshop on ' Radiochemistry and Applications of Radioisotopes in Science  - A Hands on Training programme' from January 20 to 28, 2007, organised by BRNS and BARC, Mumbai in collaboration with BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.

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