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Faculty Directory

Faculty Members (On Campus)

Name Designation Email ID
(append )
Phone No. Website
Udayan Chanda
(Head of Department)
Associate Professor udayanchanda 5264 personal website
Anil K Bhat Professor anilkbhat 5493 personal website
Leela Rani Associate professor leela_r 5264/5802 personal website
Jyoti Tikoria Associate Professor jyoti 5503 personal website
Satyendra K Sharma Associate Professor satyendrasharma 5852 personal website
Praveen Goyal Associate Professor praveen.goyal 5828 personal website
Neetu Yadav Associate Professor neetu.yadav 5801 personal website
Jayashree Mahesh Assistant Professor jmahesh 5832 personal website
Rajesh Matai Assistant Professor matair 5878 personal website
Saurabh Chadha Assistant Professor saurabh.chadha 5805 personal website
Nirankush Dutta Assistant Professor nirankush.dutta 5858 personal website
Mohammad Faraz Naim Assistant Professor mfaraz.naim 5186 personal website
Achint Nigam Assistant Professor achint.nigam 5769 personal website
Tirumalsety Revendranath Assistant Professor revendra.t 5771 personal website
Shaili Singh Assistant Professor shaili.singh 5777 personal website
Suresh Sharma Adjunct professor personal website
* For External Dialing, Prefix : +91-1596-25-




Faculty Members (Off Campus)

Name Designation Email ID (append ) Phone Location
Anjani Srikanth Koka
Location : Hyderabad
Assistant Professor-I anjani.koka +91 9492686869 personal website
Krishnamurthy Bindumadhavan
Location : Hyderabad
Associate Professor k.bindumadhavan personal website
Sandeep Kayastha
Location : Hyderabad
Associate Professor sandeep.kayastha +91 80089 44226 personal website
Shekhar Rajagopalan
Location : Hyderabad
Associate Professor shekhar.rajagopalan +91 9949473675 personal website
Annapoorna Gopal
Location : Bangalore
Associate Professor annapoorna.gopal +91 9949473675 personal website
Gaurav Nagpal
Location : National Capital Region
Assistant Professor-I gaurav.nagpal +91 9716299635 personal website
Sidharth Mishra
Associate Professor sidharth.mishra personal website
Ambatipudi Vamsidhar
Location : Hyderabad
Associate Professor ambatipudi.v +91 9885016324 personal website
Ramesh Venkatraman
Location : Chennai
Associate Professor ramesh.venkatraman +91 9176625725 personal website

The BITS Advantage

The new way to look at the world

The BITS MBA core curriculum is designed around the cross-functional way contemporary organizations work. Throughout the curriculum, students and faculty approach problems by looking to the broadest possible circle of skills and resources to fashion innovative solutions.

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