Department of Management



The campus is divided into different academic blocks for smooth delivery of lectures to a large number of students specializing in different fields of study. Most of the lectures for management courses are delivered in the New Academic Block (NAB). Located amidst a well-designed landscape below the ground level, these classrooms are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate students. All classrooms are centrally air conditioned and are equipped with computers, projectors, screens, speakers and black-boards.


Library has room for up to 8,000 students, offers 738 open access study places and 246 open-access IT work stations.  As well as the books and periodicals you expect, it is home to computing facilities for students.
Our collections contain over half a million items, including:
  • Around 3,000 current journal titles
  • Over 20,000 electronic resources, including databases, journals and ebooks.
  • A substantial media (CD and DVD) collection.
The library is searchable via the library catalogue.  But it is not only our library you will have access to – as a BITS Pilani student you can use a network of other libraries via our membership.

Computer Lab

The Department of Management maintains a computer lab near the research scholars’ work zone. Students, scholars and faculty members of the department have access to this computer lab. This lab specifically caters to the computational need of the learners of management discipline. Some of the software installed in the computers of this lab are
  • Systat 13.2
  • Ri386 3.4.1
  • @Risk 7.5
  • Minitab
  • Gephi 0.9.1
  • Project Pro 2016
  • SmartPls 3.2.6
  • GeNIe 2.1
  • SAS University Edition
  • Tableau Desktop for Students
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 25.0 with AMOS

Besides this, the Department of Management shares a common computer lab facility along with the Department of Economics & Finance. Other than these two computer labs, students have access to the institute’s state of the art Information Processing Centre (IPC). The IPC is located opposite to the building of the Department of Management and fulfills the needs of all students of the institute.

Student Accommodation

The Institute is fully residential and hostel accommodation is provided to all students. Permission to become day-scholar may be granted only under exceptional circumstances for students whose parents or close relatives are residents of Pilani. There are eleven hostels for boys and one hostel complex for girls. The hostel rooms are fully furnished, with internet connectivity and common provision for water purifier and solar water heaters. Common room facilities with Cable TV and telephone are available in each hostel.
There is a kitchen-cum-mess unit for every set of two boys' hostels. Girls' hostel, however, has a separate mess of its own, situated within the boundary of the hostel. It is mandatory for the students staying in the hostel to have their food in the hostel messes. The messes attached to hostels are fully managed by the students.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. To ensure that the students have adequate access to different games and sports, the institute offers lot of facilities. The Student Activity Centre (SAC) is abuzz with students during the morning and evening, when they voluntarily gather there for playing badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash or boxing. A gymnasium housed within this building has facilities for aerobics, cardio and weight training exercises for members of the health club. Yoga and martial art are taught to students every semester. A 25 x 12.5 m swimming pool provides facility for swimming and playing water polo. Membership for the health club and the swimming club can be obtained on payment of a nominal fee. There are multiple playgrounds within the campus for playing football, cricket, basketball, hockey, volleyball and practising other athletics sports. Besides these, all students’ hostels have facilities for indoor games like table tennis, badminton, chess, carom, etc.
The Sports Club of the institute organizes games and sports. The Physical Director, Senior Coach, Life Saver (both male & female), Martial Art Instructor and other supporting staff facilitate students with required supervision and guidance for their sports activities.


At BITS students get a lot of opportunities to indulge in different types of activities happening round the year. BITS Pilani campus has plethora of facilities to meet the recreational needs of students. Numerous university centric activities organized in the campus provide students with ample mix to choose from.
BITS has students from every part of the country. Students get opportunity to experience the different cultures in the campus though 17 regional cultural associations in the campus. These associations arrange various cultural festivals so that one never really feels away from home.
Recreational Activity Forum (RAF) that comes under the Student Welfare Division regularly organizes film shows for the BITS community. Currently RAF organizes twelve English and Hindi movies each in each semester.
The cultural fest- OASIS, technical fest- APOGEE and sports meet- BOSM, which are all organized by BITSian students, witness large number of participants from different institutes across India. The students of Department of management also organize a Management Festival called "INTERFACE". This event provides the management students with an opportunity to learn and enjoy at the same time. The Department of Management also has many clubs like Executive Committee, Creative Club, Media relations Club, etc which organize various events to keep the students engaged and excited round the year. Apart from this students of the Department of Management also organize Freshers Party, Teachers Day celebrations, Farewell Party etc.

Life Essentials

The campus of BITS Pilani has all necessary facilities for its inhabitants. A general physician, a gynaecologist, a dentist, a paediatrician and an ENT specialist are available in the medical centre. Ayurvedic medical facilities can also be availed from the same centre. Sometimes free medical check-ups are organized for the physical well-being of the BITSian students, faculty members and staff. The Medical Centre also organizes health awareness camps and disease detection camps for Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Asthma and other diseases. Every year the institute organizes blood donation camp. The drug store, located in the Medical Centre sells all major types of medicines on prescription. Cashless facility is provided to staff & students on presentation of their id card. Clinical laboratory facilities can be availed within the medical centre itself. There is an ambulance available inside the campus for any medical emergency at any hours of the day or night. Within a few kilometres of the campus, the Birla Savajanik Hospital has a separate ward reserved for the students, faculty members and staff of BITS Pilani. The institute has an arrangement with M. S. Eye Hospital for routine and emergency services. This hospital also has facilities for dental problems. A counsellor is regularly available to all students for any kind of personal or academic counselling inside the campus. The counselling is done on a confidential one-to-one basis and is completely free of charge for the student.
Grocery, stationery items, clothes, sports equipment etc. are available at subsidized rates in the BITS Cooperative Store “Akshay”. A separate section of the same store also sells vegetables and fruits. For grooming one can make use of the saloons and parlours in Connaught market within the campus premises. Several other shops selling groceries medicine, clothes, food items are also located in Connaught market. The campus also has an outlet of Javed Habib’s for hairstyling.
Besides the regular messes attached with hostels providing healthy and tasty food, other food outlets are also present in the campus to satisfy the hunger of the students. All Night Canteen (ANC), Food King, Looters, Sky Lab are some of the favourite spots with the students. These food joints are open till late night and accept different modes of payment. Connaught also has a few restaurants. All these restaurants and food joints together provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from different parts of India and world. Apart from these, there are small shops adjoining each hostel and at other parts of the campus which provide lots of option for snacks. An Amul parlour is located in the campus for providing various dairy products from the famous brand. Within a few kilometres of the campus, there are numerous other restaurants with a larger selection of menu. In short, BITS Pilani ensures a smooth life within its lush green campus.
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