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Research Groups/Areas

Research Groups/Areas
  • Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems & Robotics

    • Conventional Control Strategies for Robot Manipulators: A Simulation Study
    • Robocon Club, Design and development 
    • Conventional and Adaptive Control Algorithms for Manipulator Control
    • A Token Passing Approach for Circle Formation by Multiple Mobile Robots
    • Distributed Algorithm for Circle Formation By Multiple Mobile Robots

  • Data Warehousing, Databases & Advanced Databases

    • HadClean:A hybrid approach to data cleaning in data warehouses
    • Building a Data Warehousing Infrastructure based on Service Oriented Architecture
    • Test Data Generation: A Hybrid Approach Using Cuckoo and Tabu

  • High Performance Computing & Distributed Systems

    • Parallel Programming Special Interest Group link
    • Parallelizing OPTICS for Commodity Clusters & Parallelizing OPTICS for Commodity Clusters link
    • High Performance Computing (HPC) framework for Data Mining/Machine Learning Algorithms link

  • Image Processing & Multimedia

    • E-Attend : The image processing module captures photo of the student, extracts the facial features, and verifies if the photo is of the student and not a proxy
    • Illumination Techniques In Augmented Reality
    • Depth-Based Segmentation

  • Networking & Mobile Computing

    • Project Communicate, Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. User and Context Diversity
    • Bio-signal Based On-road Stress Monitoring for Automotive Drivers
    • Project E Attend,Android based Electronic Attendance system using face recognition
    • Software Defined Networking testbed setup,analysis,research

  • Algorithms & Theoretical Computer Science

    • Parallel Coreset Generation Algorithm for k-means
    • Application of Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search in Software Testing
    • An Optimal Human Adaptive Algorithm to find Action- Reaction Word-pairs

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Mining

    • A new distributed Framework for Data Mining and Machine learning Algorithms
    • Developing a Smart Crop Management System using Data Analytics
    • Design of a parallelizing compiler for Data Mining

  • Pervasive & Wearable Computing

    • Strategies and Algorithms for Efficient and Secure Network Communication in Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • Design and Implementation of a Wearable Computing Jacket for Vehicular Drivers
    • Automatic Feature-classification and Fatigue-pattern Recognition for a Wearable Computing System for Heart-Condition Monitoring
    • Tiny6 (codename) Project involving research in IPv6, Mobility and Power-conservation aspects of Sensor Networks in pervasive computing environments
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