Prof. P. Sankar Ganesh

Department of Biological Sciences

Environment and energy, Anaerobic digestion, Vermicomposting, Nano(eco)toxicology, Composting, Solid waste management, Termigradation, Technology for Pedagogy
Room number A119,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India


Discipline Courses: 

BIO F110: Biology Laboratory

BIO C111 & BIO F111: General Biology

BIO C322: Ecology

BIO C342: General Physiology

BIO C411: Laboratory

BIO F216: Water, Sanitation & Solid Waste Management

BIO F241: Ecology & Environmental Science

BIO F376: Design Oriented Project

BIO F411: Laboratory

BIO G525: Environmental Biotechnology & Waste Management

BIO G661: Gene Toxicology

BIO G671: Bioconversion Technology

MPH G510: Biostatistics and Computers in Public Health

SAN G512: Sanitation and Public Health


Other Courses:

BITS C213: Introduction to Environmental Studies

BITS C313: Lab Oriented Project

BITS C323 & BITS C324: Study Oriented Project

BITS F225: Environmental Studies

BITS G513: Study in Advanced Topics

BITS G540: Research Practice

BITS G629: Dissertation

TA C211: Measurement Techniques I


WILP Courses:

SSTM ZG523: Biological Treatment Principles and Design for Wastewater Systems