Innovation cell

Innovation cell

I-cell is to promote and support innovations across the spectrum of science and technology with application in any field."

The purpose of this unit is to promote and support innovations across the spectrum of science and technology with application in any field. It works along with various technical clubs, societies and teams on the campus to strategically develop a healthy culture where skill is developed and ideas are generated. I-cell is a part of the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and, works in collaboration with Technology Business Incubator (TBI).

The key targets of the Innovation cell are

  1. To provide all kinds of support to one interested in any kind innovation.
  2. To create strategic partnerships will various national and international organizations working to promote innovation.
  3. To create awareness about various new avenues.
  4. To develop various skills among students required for successful implementation of ideas. 

This would eventually lead to the generation of Intellectual property, development of products and startup spinoffs. 

The innovation cell supports individuals, teams, societies and clubs in the following areas.

  1. Gathering funds and Sponsorships
  2. Marketing and Media Management

iii. Creating resources for infrastructure needs

  1. Connecting to experts in the respective fields to serve as mentors


The success of I-Cell will be success of the people it serves.

Sandboxx/ Tinkerer’s Lab
The Sandboxx/ Tinkerer’s Lab is part of Innovation Cell and independently operated by the student governing body. The Sandboxx/Tinkerer’s lab is a platform that enables students in the creation of technologies that solve real world problems at the interface of Engineering (Mechanical, Electronics (Mech) & Electrical Engineering (EEE), Computer Science (CS) etc.), Sciences (Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, etc) and design. This lab is for facilitating student ideas and implementation with easy access to equipment and tools such as sensors, microprocessors, power tools etc.
Access to the facility 
1.There is no screening process of any kind.
2.An affordable membership charge is levied per person per year; any individual/club/society/team paying that amount at any point of time in year will get access. An individual may be student/research scholar/staff/faculty or any person other associated with BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus.
3.All members have to follow rules stated in the constitution as well as made by governing body.
Student Governing Body
1.The day to-day activities are managed by the Student Governing Body which, meets at least once in a month.
2.The governing body will consist of the following
         i. The Technical Secretary.
         ii. One representative of each club/society/team (of more than 5 members).
         iii. The Treasurer.
         iv. I-cell Coordinator
3. The Governing Body meeting is headed by The Technical Secretary.
Use of Equipment 

There is no restriction on the use of any equipment within the premises. No equipment can be taken out of the premises without permission of the treasurer.