Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani - Hyderabad campus is one of the premier technical and science institutes of higher learning in India. It was established by Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (Rajasthan) as one of its latest campuses in the year 2008 with the first batch graduating in the year 2012. BITS, Pilani is one of India’s top technical and science universities established under Sec. 3 of the UGC act.

The sprawling campus is built amidst lush greenery spreading over 200 acres of land at Jawahar Nagar, Shameerpet, Hyderabad. Surrounded by natural beauty, the campus is about 70 kilometers away from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad and 27 kilometers from Secunderabad railway station. The campus is easily accessible by road with a bus stop just outside the campus. Public transport (route# 212) runs every one hour from Secunderabad to the campus. The campus is in close proximity to many schools, medical facilities, and recreational centers.

The campus is built with state-of-the-art infrastructure without affecting the scenic beauty of the area. Modern laboratories, well-furnished classrooms, lecture theatre complexes, student activity center, auditorium, playground and modern ICT infrastructure, all come together to make BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus a well-equipped campus.

Around 750 bright minds are admitted every year into first degree, higher degree and doctoral programmes of the institute through a single entrance test conducted by BITS, Pilani. Being a campus of BITS, Pilani, Hyderabad campus follows the same curriculum, teaching methodologies and educational practices of its’ parent campus. BITS, Pilani, Hyderabad campus is fully residential, housing over 3200 students, around 170 faculty members and 160 technical and support staff. The teaching faculty brings with them extensive research, teaching and industry experience to offer comprehensive education to students. Currently around 65 research projects are ongoing in the campus, most of which are supported by prominent funding agencies from India and abroad.

Campus life is vibrant and stimulating. Student calendars are filled with a healthy mix of extracurricular activities through various clubs and departments. There is a culture of freedom coupled with a holistic environment for multidimensional growth of a student personality. Over the past few years, students have been placed at multinational companies, government organizations, and research institutes across the globe. The students of the campus are truly ready to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Training the future of innovation

To be amongst the global leaders in education promoting innovation in every field and providing an atmosphere that promotes cross disciplinary interaction and research by students and faculty alike.

BITS Vision for leaders of change

Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. The Institute is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, and to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world's great challenges. BITS is dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community. We seek to develop in each member of the BITS community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.

The pursuit of excellence requires a transparent and honest approach. At BITS Pilani, we have always believed this to be true and are one of the few top institutes in India to favour a ‘Merit Only’ based admission policy.

To ensure complete transparency in student intake in the undergraduate courses we have instituted BITSAT, a fully online exam. BITSAT tests students on their aptitude for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. BITSAT also has a section on English and Logical reasoning, thus becoming a complete analysis of a candidate’s intelligence and capability.

Director’s Message:

The youngest of the four physical campuses of BITS Pilani, the Hyderabad campus began functioning on 29th August 2008.

Fully residential, with over 5500 students, and 500 faculty and staff members, the picturesque campus is housed in 200 acres of rugged, rocky terrain characteristic of the region. It is equipped with state of the art infrastructure required for instruction, research, and extra-curricular activities.

The 12 Departments and the Divisions that provide necessary academic and administrative support, continue with the long standing commitment of BITS Pilani to providing the best of academic curricula, instruction, immersive industry exposure through the Practice School, and nurturing environment necessary to create well-rounded graduates who are among the best in the country, and globally. The faculty members are deeply committed also to growing our ability to pursue path breaking research, fundamental and applied, so necessary to sustain and grow such an environment. We are equally committed to sustaining and growing our engagement with industry.

The second phase of development having been completed, we now have the best infrastructure, in terms of buildings and laboratories to support academic and extra-curricular activities of students at par with any premier engineering and science institutes in India. Together with faculty members of outstanding quality that we have, and will continue to recruit and retain, we are confident that we are fully prepared to provide highest quality student experience, and deliver student outcomes that are second to none. I will be happy to receive any suggestions or feedback.

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Prof. Soumyo Mukherji


BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus


The oldest of the four BITS Pilani campuses, the Pilani campus currently houses 13 departments spanning the gamut of pure science, applied science, humanities and management.

NameTelephone (office)IP-Phone
Institute-Wide Deans
Academic – Undergraduate Studies
Academic – Graduate Studies & Research
WILP Division

Sponsored Research and Consulting
[Prof.  Sanket Goel]
Practice School

Faculty Affairs
[Prof. Souri Benerjee]

Alumni Relations
International Programmes and Collaborations
 +91 832 2580125 
Campus-Specific Deans
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Professor In-charge (Institute-Wide)
Prof. Chittaranjan Hota
Professor In-charge
BITS Entrance Examinations
Prof. Sanket Goel
Professor In-charge
Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
Associate Deans
Faculty Affairs
[Prof. Vidya Rajesh]
Sponsored Research and Consultancy
[Prof. Anupam Bhattacharya]
040 66303522
International Programmes and Collaboration
040 66303532
Practice School
[Prof. Sandip S. Deshmukh]
040 66303620
[Prof. Punna Rao Ravi]
040 66303539
[Prof. R Rajasekaran] 
040 66303626 
Academic - Undergraduate Studies 
Academic - Graduate Studies and Research 
Student Welfare
[Prof. Kannan Ramaswamy]
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Alumni Relations
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Faculty In-charges
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Computer Center
[Prof. R Gururaj] 

040 66303525     
Dr. Kurra Suresh

040 66303570
Centralized Purchases Unit
[Prof. Ramesh Babu Adusumalli]
040 66303554
Centre for Innovation, Incubation
and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
Teaching Learning Center (TLC)
Community Welfare
Time Table & Exams
Central Analytical Laboratory
Central Computing Laboratory
Publications & Media Relations
Student Activity Center
[Dr. Prasant Kumar Samantray]
High Performance Computing
[Prof. N Kishore Kumar]  
Head of Departments
Biological Sciences
[Prof. Nishith Gupta]
Chemical Engineering
[ ]
[ ]
Civil Engineering
[Prof. Murari R.R. Varma] 
Computer Science and Information Systems
[Prof. N.L Bhanu Murthy]
Economics and Finance
[Prof. Rishi Kumar] 
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
[ ]
Humanities and Social Sciences
[ ]
[Prof. Pradyumn Kumar Sahoo]
Mechanical Engineering
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Hostel Wardens

Hostel & Warden Names



Chief Warden

[Dr. PhaneendraKiran Chaganti]

90102 02882

Valmiki Bhavan - I

[Dr.Santosh Kumar Mahapatra]


Valmiki Bhavan - II
[Dr Vivek Sharma]

Gautam Bhavan

[Dr. Thota Nagaraju]
Krishna Bhawan [Prof. Jagan Mohan Jonnalagadda]

Malaviya Bhavan

[Dr. D Purnima]
Buddh Bhavan [Prof. Bahurudeen A]

Ram Bhavan

[Dr. Syed Ershad Ahmed]
Vyas Bhavan
[Dr. Mithun Mondal]
Meera Bhavan [Prof. Swati Biswas]
Gandhi Bhavan
[Prof. Sabareesh Geetha Rajasekharan]

Shankar Bhavan

[Dr. Onkar P Kulkarni]
Vishwakarma Bhawan - I
[Dr. Gireesha T Mohannath]
Vishwakarma Bhavan - II
[Dr. Mohan S C]
Research Scholar Tower (H-7)
[Prof. Phaneendra Kiran Chaganti]
Ganga Bhavan
Dr. Ponnalagu R N

Hostel &Non-Resident




Gautam Bhawan

[Dr. Prasant Kumar Samantray]

040 - 66303556

Vyas Bhawan

[Dr. Subhrakanta Panda]
040 -

Buddh Bhawan

[Dr. Pranesh Bhargava]
040 -
Viswakarma Bhawan - I
[Dr. Lov Kumar]
040 -
Viswakarma Bhawan - II
[Dr. Piyush Khandelia]
040 -
Valmiki Bhawan-I
[Dr. Nitin Kotkunde]
040 -
Valmiki Bhawan-II
[Dr Durgesh Chandra Pathak]
040 -
Gandhi Bhawan
[Dr Tanmay Chatterjee ]
040 -
Shankar Bhawan
[Dr. Vivek Sharma ]
040 -
Ram Bhawan
[Dr. Satish Kumar Dubey ]
040 -
Krishna Bhawan
Prof. Manish Kumar
040 -
Meera Bhawan
[Dr. T S L Radhika ]
040 -
Malaviya Bhawan
[Prof. Alivelu Manga Parimi ]
040 -
Ganga Bhawan
[Dr Swati Alok ]
040 -
National Service Scheme (NSS)
Centre of Excellence in Water
Resource Management (CEWRM)
Divisions / Units



Phone no.

Prof. Amit Nag
Centralized Purchases Unit
Prof. Ramesh Babu Adusumalli
Computer Centre
Prof.  Gururaj R
Academic - Under Graduate Studies 
Prof. Sridhar Raju
Academic - Graduate Studies and Research
Prof. Venkata Vamsi Krishna Venuganti
Student Welfare (SWD)
Prof. Kannan Ramaswamy
Practice School
Prof. Sandip S.Deshmukh



Work Integrated Learning Programme (WILP)
Prof. Punna Rao Ravi 
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Work Integrated Learning Programme (WILP)
Prof. Raghunathan Rajasekaran
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raghu[at] 040-66303857
Dr. Kurra Suresh / Dr. Soumya J
International Programmes and Collaboration Division 
Prof. Bivudutta Mishra
Sponsored Research and Consultancy Division 
Prof. Anupam Bhattacharya 
anupam[at] 040-66303522 
Accounts Office
Contact Details:
Contact number
Email id          
 Mrs.Sunitha Suresh
 Head, Accounts & Finance
 040 66303838, 66303817 (Office)
IKA Cell
Institutional Knowledge Analysis (IKA) Cell
Prof. Vishal Saxena
Email :


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NIRF - 2023

Campus wide sustainability projects

Campus maintains lush green gardens with a rich collection of flora and fauna. Every year 1000 no. seasonal tree plantation is done on regular basis and 600 no. saplings the Telangana State Government sponsored “Haritha Haram” event-a drive to maintain greenery is conducted effectively at our Campus.

  • In campus total 949.12 KWp of on grid rooftop solar power plants installed and commissioned to use renewable energy in the campus & it is planned to commission about 45 KWp rooftop solar power plants by end of December month in this year.
  • Total 26 Nos. standalone solar powered street lights are installed in the campus, which is estimated to save around 9, 90 kW of electricity annually.
  • Around 80 Nos. of the street lights out of 495 in the campus are connected to off-grid solar power plants of 18.5 kW per day. These street lights work on solar power for about eight to ten hours every night, which is estimated to save around 6,753 kW of electricity annually. After exhausting the solar power, these street lights function on conventional power.
  • Since 2014, hostels, residential quarters, academic and administrative blocks constructed as part of the infrastructure expansion by Project Parivartan, replace all CFL, Metal Halide, Fluorescent tube lights with LED fixtures to reduce consumption of energy.
  • Similarly existing CFL, tube lights and other electrical fixtures are being replaced with energy saving LED fixtures in a phased manner.
  • On campus 28 nos. (Each carries 2 nos. of four wheelers) of car parking stands having standalone solar powered lights, able to park 56 nos. of four wheelers.
  • On campus all the newly renovated hostel’s toilet lights & exhaust fans are controlled with motion sensors to save electricity.
  • On campus all street lights (Total No.495) fixtures are LED type.
  • In campus all street lights (Total 495 Nos.) on/off with LDR, as per sun light intensity availability. No need to change time as seasons change.
  • There are 6 groundwater recharge points available and additional 6 recharge points are proposed and shall be completed by December 2019 to increase the ground water table in the vicinity to enhance the output from bore wells.
  • All overhead tanks and water coolers are fitted with floats, sensors and other mechanisms to shut the water supply and avoid overflow.
  • Providing pressmatic taps with water aerators to minimise wastage of water
  • All the water storage tanks are monitored regularly to ensure that there is no wastage of water due to overflow.
  • Bi cycle is allowed as means of internal transport within the Campus and limited usage of Vehicles is used at large to minimise air pollution for the total 4500+ students residing in the campus.
  • Sewage treatment plant of 450 KLD capacity working on ASP system and New 600KLD capacity MBBR system are functioning to treat the wastewater generated in the Campus.
  • In the recently completed hostels and residential quarters, the STP treated water is supplied to flush tanks of EWC through a dedicated supply network.
  • Treated water is used for around 25000 sqm of land scape area and used for flushing purposes in New Academic block, Faculty housing towers 1, 5 & 6.
  • Proposed to use treats for flushing purposes in all Old hostels.
  • The sludge generated at STP is transferred to a drying bed in the vicinity of STP which is used as manure after drying.
  • Adequate Trash Bins were provided across the campus to control the littering of the waste material
  • Separate Waste management yard is in operation to segregate Domestic dry waste and wet waste. Dry wastes sent by vendors for recycling and wet waste is vermicomposting and used for garden manure.
  • Food waste is fed in a bio-gas plant and converted into gas and used for mess 1 Kitchen for cooking purposes and by this we are able to convert one ton of waste on a daily basis.
  • Dry waste is further segregated as per norms and handed over to TSPCB approved vendors for recycling.
  • All garden waste is composted and converted into manure which is used to maintain the garden.