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Event (Conference/Workshop)
9th-10th May, 2024
Collaborative Teaching-Learning Process
Dr. Basavadatta Mitra
Humanities and Social Sciences
26th-27th April, 2024
2nd International Conference on Computational Neuroscience and Bilingualism
Prof. Veeky Baths
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Dept. of Biological Sciences
13 April 2024
Pitch IT! - The 3-Minute CS Research Showdown and Department's Research Showcase Day
Dr. Gargi Prabhu, Dr. Hemant Rathore
Computer Science & Information Systems
12-13th April 2024
Mathematical Modeling and Computations for Infectious Disease
Prof. Amit Setia
26th and 27th February 2024
Two Days Meet on SERB PAC-Materials, Mining and Minerals Engineering (MMME)
Dr. Pritanshu Ranjan, Dr. Biswajit Das, Dr. Sudhy S. Panicker
Mechanical Engineering
January 29th, 30th, February 8th, 9th, February 22th, 29th, March 1st, 2024
Prof. K. A. Geetha
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
20th to 22nd February, 2024
DBT BUILDER (Bioprocess Technology Workshop)
Prof. Sunil Bhand, Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri, Prof. Prof. N.N⋅ Gosh, Pro Snehanshu Saha
BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
15th February to 17th February, 2024
Wit, Humour, and the Camivalesque i in Literature and Performance
Prof. K A Geetha (Convener)
Dr. Amitendu Bhattacharya (Coordinator)
Humanities and Social Sciences
19th - 23rd February, 2024
Discussion Meeting on Strings and Holography
January 25th, 2024
Risk Management and Sustainability
Dr. Manogna R L
Economics & Finance
16th-17th January, 2024
Going Global Industry Academia Collaboration British Council
Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri
Biological Sciences
January 3-5, 2024
Susegad Symposium on Physics with Quantum Technology (SSPQT): NISQ-era and beyond
Dr. Indrakshi Raychowdhury
3rd-4th January, 2024
Education 2.0: New Horizons in Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Prof. Toby Joseph
Teaching - Learning Center
18th-20th December, 2023
92nd Annual Meet of The Society of Biological Chemists

Biological Chemistry: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward
Prof. Meenal Kowshik
Biological Sciences
10th to 13th December, 2023
Prof. Sneharishu Saha
Prof. Prahal Paul
Dr. Sravan Danda
Dr. Diptendu Chatterjee
Dr. Hemant Rathore
BITS Pilani K K Blrla Goa Campus
7th-10th December, 2023
Humanities and Social Sciences
November 25, 2023
Goa Innovation Carnival
Prof. Sunil Bhand
Dr. Anil Wali
BITS BioCyTiH Foundation
14th to 16th November 2023
Frontiers in Genome Engineering 2023
Prof. Rajesh Mehrotra
Biological Sciences
Organised by CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology
8-9 November 2023
Writing trust into the history of capitalism(s): Histories of Asia, Africa and Europe in comparative perspective
Dr. Lakshmi Subramanian, Dr. K. A. Geetha, Dr. Solano Da Silva, Dr. Mohan Bera, Dr. Rajiv Chaturvedi
Humanities and social Sciences
November 3-5, 2023
The 89th Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences
Prof. Mainak Banerjee
BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus
1st November to 3rd November, 2023
International Workshop on Linear Algebra and Related Areas
Dr. Himadri Mukherjee
October 19-21, 2023
Advanced Microscopy & Imaging
Dr. Raviprasad Aduri
October 6-7, 2023
InternationaI Conference on Computational Neuroscience and Bilingualism
Prof. Veeky Baths
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Dept. of Biological Sciences
30th September to 2nd October, 2023
Dr. Pammita Haldar
Dr. Mrunalini K. Gaydhane
Dr. Sampatrao Dagu Manjare
Dr. Saurabh Chandrakant Patankar
BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
26th September to 29th September, 2023
DBT BUILDER (Bio-process Technology Workshop)
Prof. Sunil Bhand
Prof. Srikanth Mutnuri
Prof. N N Ghosh
Prof. Snehanshu Saha
Biological Sciences
August 3-5, 2023
Discussion meeting on studying strongly correlated systems using quantum technology
(Registration by invitation only)
Dr. Indrakshi Raychowdhury
12th June - 1st July, 2023
Functional Analysis (Summer School)
Dr. Monojit Bhattacharjee
12th June - 16th June, 2023
4th Indian Workshop on Applied Deep Learning (IWADL 2023)
Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari (Convener), Dr. Ashutosh Bhatia (Coordinator, BITS Pilani Campus), Dr. Aditya Nigam (Coordinator, IIT Mandi), Dr. Tanmay Tulsidas Verlekar (Coordinator, BITS Goa Campus), Dr. Sujith Thomas (Coordinator, BITS Goa Campus)
Computer Science & Information Systems
18th March, 2023
Proteomics Day 2023
Dept. of Biological Sciences and CSIF
Dept. of Biological Sciences and CSIF
10th March, 2023
Workshop & 2nd Foundation Day
BITS BioCyTiH Foundation & its team
BITS BioCyTiH Foundation
18th March, 2023
Co-Creation Workshop on Administration and Management for Senior Officials
BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
26th February, 2023
Dr. Siddhartha Tripathi Dr. Vadiraj Hemadri
Mr. Dhiraj Puri
Mr. Pradyumna Kodancha
Mr. Sanjay Mane
Mr. Nikhil Mane
Mechanical Engineering
23rd-25th February, 2023
9th Indian Peptide Symposium and India Peptide Show
Prof. Sumit Biswas
Biological Sciences
18th-19th February, 2023
Script Writing & Short Film Making
Dr. Gettha B
Humanities and Social Sciences
18th-19th January, 2023
Workshop on Analysis, Differential Eqations and Computation
Prof. Tarkeshwar Singh
17th January or 30th January, 2023
Philosophical understanding of disaster
Dr. Mohan Kumar Bera
Humanities and Social Sciences
10th - 11th January, 2023
2nd meeting of PAC Organismal and Evolutionary Biology- Animal Sciences
Prof. Rajesh Mehrotra
Biological Sciences
05-07 January, 2023
National Symposium on Radiation and Photochemistry, NSRP-2023
Prof. Mainak Banerjee and Prof. Amrita Chatterjee (Goa Campus)
Prof. Nandita Maitiand Dr Atanu Barik (from BARC)
5th January- 7th January 2023
9th International conference on Mathematics & Computing
Prof. Jajati Keshari SahooMathematics
4th January- 5th January 2023
Two days workshop on CNC Programming on 5 – axis machining centr
Dr. Karthikeyan GMechanical Engineering
16th December- 18th December 2022
International conference on aggregation-induced emission from fundamental to applications (IC-AIE-FA 2022) (Hybrid mode)
Prof. Amrita Chatterjee;
Prof. Mainak Banerjee (Goa Campus);
Prof Inamur R. Laskar (Pilani campus);
Prof. Manab Chakraborty (Hyderabad campus)
2nd December- 3rd December 2022
International Conference on Information Security, Privacy and Digital Forensics
Dr. Sanjay  K Sahay
Computer Science and Information Systems
30th November 2022
Pathways to Translation
BITS BioCyTiH Foundation
BITS BioCyTiH Foundation & BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
18th November - 20th November 2022
Waves 2022
CSABITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus
12th November - 13th November 2022
Workshop on Analysis, Differential Equations and Computation
Dr. Anil KumarMathematics
10th November - 11th November 2022
International conference on Drug Discovery -2022 (ICDD-2022): Success Stories - From Computation to Clinical Trials
Dr. Sumit BiswasDept. of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, others
28th October - 29th October 2022
International Symposium on Bilingualism and Cognition (ISBC 2O22)
Prof. Veeky BathsCognitiue Neuroscience Lab, Dept. of Biological Sciences
13th October - 14th October 2022
Faecal Sludge Analysis
Prof. Srikanth MutnuriBiological Sciences
26th September- 02nd October 2022
Synergistic Training program Utilizing the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (STUTI)
STUTIBITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
22nd September- 24th September 2022
6th Meeting of SRG-NPDF Expert Committee
Dr. Rajesh MehrotraBiological Sciences
22nd September- 23rd September 2022
Recent Trends in CAR-T Research and Manufacturing
Dr. Jegatha Nambi KrishnanChemical Engineering
21st September- 22nd September 2022
Workshop on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy
Dr. Raviprasad AduriCentral Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility (CSIF)
16th September- 17th September 2022
COVID-19 Pandemic and the Way forward
Dr. Dibakar ChakrabartyBiological Sciences
29th July- 30th July 2022
International conference on Education Outside the Classroom
Dr. Mohan Kumar BeraHumanities and Social Sciences
25th March- 26th March 2022
Post-Pandemic Urban Development dialogues
Dr. Sayantani SarkarHumanities and Social Sciences
25th February- 27th February 2022
Education online - Debating Access, Equity, Well being in the age of pandemic
Prof. Reena CheruvalathHumanities and Social Sciences
15th to 19th Dec 2020
International Conference on 'Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science'
Dr. A BaskarComputer Science and Information Systems
20th to 21st Nov 2020
Current Trends and Challenges in Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Kundan KumarBiological Sciences
3rd Mar - 6th Mar 2020
School and International Conference on Photoirradiation and Adsorption based Novel Innovations for Water Treatment (PANI WATER) under the framework of PANIWater Indo-EU, EU-DST sponsored project
Prof. Halan PrakashChemistry
4th - 7th Feb 2020
3rd Annual Workshop of the Society for the Cognitive Science of Culture (SCSC)
Prof. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
31st Jan - 2nd Feb 2020
CSABITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus
26th Jan 2020
TEDx TeamBITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
23rd - 25th Jan 2020
2nd Annual International Conference on Economics and Finance (ICEF-2020)
Prof. Aswini Kumar MishraEconomics
17th - 19th Jan 2020
BITSAA Global Meet 2020
Alumni Relations Cell, BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus.Alumni Relations Cell
21st - 22nd Dec 2019
International Conference on Secure Knowledge Management in Artificial Intelligence Era
Prof. Sanjay K. Sahay (General Chair)CS&IS
20th - 22nd Dec 2019
New Frontiers in Chemistry- from Fundamentals to Applications (NFCFA 2019)
Prof. Mainak Banerjee
Prof. Amrita Chatterjee
19th - 22nd Dec 2019
Workshop - IAPT-UGCP (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) Undergraduate Camp in Physics
Prof. Arun V KulkarniPhysics
16th - 19th Dec 2019
IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (IEEE ANTS) 2019 on “BCET- Bridge to Connect EveryThing"
Prof. K R AnupamaElectrical & Electronics Engineering
10th - 12th Dec 2019
Sixth Annual conference of the Association for Cognitive Science 2019
Prof. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
1st Nov - 3rd Nov 2020
CSABITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus
9th Sept 2019
FDP organized by Goa state innovation council
Dr. Rajorshi Sen GuptaCentre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
25th – 27th July 2019A three-day workshop on ‘Industrial Bioprocess and Bioreactor Operations’Prof. Mridula GoelBITS BIRAC BioNEST
9th to 13th July 2019
Workshop on Basic Molecular Biology Laboratory Tools and Techniques
Prof. Mridula GoelBITS BIRAC BioNEST
17th May 2019A workshop on BIRAC's Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) schemeProf. Mridula GoelBITS BIRAC BioNEST
15th May 2019A roundtable of Startup Promotion Cell and Incubation Managers in GoaProf. Mridula GoelBITS BIRAC BioNEST
9th May 2019
Conference on Role of forest ecosystems in meeting SDGs and Climate Goals in South Asia
Dr. Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi & Prof. Reena CheruvalathHumanities and Social Sciences
29th - 31st Mar 2019
Spree 2019
CSABITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
15th to 17th March 20192nd workshop on ‘Open Innovation in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for People with Disabilities (PWD)’ and an Interdisciplinary Design HackathonDr. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
27th Feb - 1st March 2019
3rd International Conference of ‘ARWA: Association for Reading and Writing in Asia’
Dr. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
14 Feb, 2018 (at Pune)
First International Workshop on Software Engineering Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems (SE4CPS 2019)
Dr. Soumyadip BandyopadhyayCS&IS
1st - 3rd Feb 2019
Quark 2019
CSABITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
31st Jan - 2nd Feb 2019
International Conference on 'Region/Nation/Trans-Nation: Literature-Cinema Interface'
Dr. Parichay Patra and Dr. Amitendu BhattacharyaHumanities and Social Sciences
20 Jan, 2019
---BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
21-23 Dec, 2018XLII All India Cell Biology ConferenceProf. Angshuman SarkarBiological Sciences
21st Nov to 1st Dec 2018Workshop on South South India Benin BiocharDr. Srikanth MutnuriBiological Sciences
13th - 16th, Nov 2018
4th Asian Pacific Conference of International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technologies (AP-ISMET 2018)
Prof. Srikanth MutnuriBiological Sciences
14th - 18th, Nov 2018School on Advanced Oxidation Processes – AOPDr. Halan PrakashChemistry
1st - 3rd Nov 2018
International Symposium on Bilingualism and Cognition
Dr. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
26th - 28th Oct 2018
Waves 2018
CSABITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
8th - 9th Oct 2018
AIG- International symposium on “Academic- Industry-Government Partnerships to Accelerate Radiation Research and Clinical Translation” during October 8-9, 2018 at Goa University, Goa
Convener : Prof. S.K.Shyama, Goa University
Cordinator : Prof. Vijayashree Nayak
Biological Sciences
28 - 29 Sept 2018
International Workshop on Data sharing for open innovation in community-based rehabilitation
Prof. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
18th Aug 2018
Conclave on “Catalyzing Startup Ecosystem Through Academia-Industry Collaborations”
Prof. Sunil BhandElectrical & Electronics Engineering
21st July 2018
Inauguration of Rotational Moulding Center of Excellence for Education and Research, a BITS + Society of Asian Roto Moulders (StAR) Initiative
Dr. Sachin Waigaonkar (BITS) and Mr. S.B. Zaman (StAR)BITS Pilani
29th May to 1st June 2018
12th World Congress on Regional Science
Dr. Debasis PatnaikEconomics
07th - 10th, Jul 2018
International conference on Discrete Mathematics and its Application
Dr. Tarkeshwar SinghMathematics
4th - 6th of July 2018
Symposium and Workshop of Analytical Youth of Applied Mechanics (SWAYAM) 2018
Dr. Sandeep SinghMechanical Engineering
28th May to 6th July 2018
Workshop on Engineering - Economics - Entrepreneurship cum summer course (Creating and Leading Entrepreneurial organizations ECON F414)
Dr. Anasuya GangulyBiological Sciences and Economics
23rd to 26th May 2018
The Eighth DAE – BRNS Biennial Symposium on Emerging Trends in Separation Science and Technology (SESTEC – 2018)
Prof. Mainak Banerjee (Co-convener)Chemistry
23rd - 25th of Mar 2018
Spree 2018
CSABITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
16th - 18th of Feb 2018
Workshop on Cum Invited Lectures on Script Writing and Cinematography Basics is conducted as part of the course Short film and Video Production
Prof. Geetha BHumanities and Social Sciences
16th - 17th, Feb 2018
International Conference on Economics and Finance (ICEF-2018)
Dr. Aswini Kumar MishraEconomics
9th - 11th of Feb 2018
Quark 2018
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CSABITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
28 Jan, 2018
Yash ShanbhagBITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
8th - 9th Feb 2017
The First Symposium 'Sustainable technologies for food processing and preservation
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20-22 Jan, 2018
International Conference on Reproductive Physiology and Comparative Endocrinology (ICRPCE) and the 36th annual meeting of theSociety for Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology (SRBCE)
Dr. Arnab Banerjee, Assistant Professor, BITS Goa K K Birla Goa Campus

Prof. Ramaballav Roy, Professor, Dept. of Zoology, Goa University
Biological Sciences
11th - 15th Jan 2018
73rd IFIP Working Group 10.4 on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance
Prof. Santonu SarkarComputer Science and Information Systems
21st - 22nd, Dec 2017
Process Modeling and Simulation
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Coordinator: Prof S D Manjare
Joint Coordinator: Prof S S Baral
Chemical Engineering
19th - 21st, Dec 2017
Novel Sanitation Approaches and Emerging Trends in Wastewater Treatment Technology
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Prof. Srikanth MutnuriBiological Sciences
15th - 16th, Dec 2017
Workshop on Experimental Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Dr. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
30th Nov 2017
Workshop on "Problem Identification, Ideation and Conceptualization"
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Prof. Mridula GoelCentre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship
11th - 14th, Nov 201755th National Metallurgist Day (NMD) and 71st Annual Technical Meeting (ATM) of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) | NMD-ATM 2017Prof. D M KulkarniK K Birla Goa Campus
3rd - 4th, Nov 2017Workshop on Use of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)Dr. Aswini Kumar MishraEconomics
27th - 29th of Oct 2017
Waves 2017
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CSABITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus
4th - 5th of Aug 20179th Expert Committee meeting in Physics and Mathematical SciencesProf. P. NandakumarPhysics
15th - 18th May 2017Indo French CEFIPRA Meeting Network on Decentralised Grey / Waste water treatmentProf. Srikanth MutnuriBiological Sciences
29th Apr 2017
Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) Council Meeting
Prof. D M Kulkarni
IIM Goa Chapter
28th-29th Apr 2017
Teaching Strategies in Mathematics
Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey & Dr. Amit Setia
20th - 21st Mar 2017
BITS GOA Economics Conclave 2017
Prof. Aswini Kumar MishraEconomics
11th & 12th March 2017
Workshop on Filmmaking
Dr. Geetha B. and Dr. Rayson K. AlexHumanities and Social Sciences
6th - 10th Mar 2017
9th Young Investigators Meeting 2017
Dr. Sumit Biswas (Co organiser)Biological Sciences
3rd – 4th Mar 2017
4th International AttLis Workshop: Attentive Listener in the Visual World
Dr. Veeky BathsBiological Sciences
2nd - 3rd Mar 2017
Use of NSS, ASI and Economic Census Unit-Level Data
Prof. Aswini Kumar MishraEconomics
16th – 18th Feb 2017
International Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics
Prof. T. SinghMathematics
13th – 14th Feb 2017
CALDAM Indo- German Pre-Conference School on Algorithms and Combinatorics
Prof. T. SinghMathematics
10th – 12th Feb 2017Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) National ConventionDr. Varinder SinghTeaching Learning Centre (TLC)
4th – 6th Feb 2017
Quark 2017
Siddhartha Yadav (Student)CSA
28th - 29th Jan 2017
New Frontiers in Chemistry-from Fundamentals to Applications-II (NFCFA2017)
Prof. Mainak BanerjeeChemistry
22nd Jan 2017
J Tanay (Student, Licensee)CSA
17th - 20th Dec 2016
4th International Conference on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP-2016)
Prof. Halan PrakashChemistry
29th – 30th Nov 2016ArcGIS Training WorkshopDr. Aswini Kumar MishraEconomics
19th – 21st Nov. 2016Basics of Molecular Dynamics SimulationProf. Srinivas KrishnaswamyChemical Engineering
15th – 21st Nov. 2016DAE School in Analytical ChemistryProf. Sunil BhandChemistry
13th Nov. 2016Symposium on ‘Recent Advancements in Chemical Sciences and Research Scholar Meet-2016’Prof. Narendra Nath GhoshChemistry
19th 20th Oct. 2016Workshop on ‘Environmental management system for Industries and hotels in Goa’Prof. S D ManjareChemical Engineering
25th Sept 2016
Inauguration of Goa Chapter of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM)
Prof. D M KulkarniMechanical
10th – 11th Sept 2016IEEE Conference EEE & I
9th Sept 2016National Symposium on ‘Digital Humanities : Perspectives and Challenges’Prof. Meenakshi RamanHumanities and Social Sciences
26th - 27th Aug 2016Workshop on ‘Insurance for Rural Areas’Dr. Debasis PatnaikEconomics
26th – 28th Aug 2016National workshop on ‘R with Applications to Quantitative finance’Dr. Mayank Goel and Dr. J.K. SahooMathematics

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