Waigaonkar Sachin Damodharrao

Associate Professor

Rotation moulding, composites

About the Faculty:

Dr. Sachin Waigaonkar

is working as Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus. He has completed his doctoral studies in Polymer and Composite Processing from BITS Pilani. He has completed his Masters Degree in Production Engineering from Govt.College of Engineering, Pune (Presently Pune Institue of Technology).

He joined BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus in July 2004 and teaches the courses related to Manufacturing and Production Engineering. He has 22 years of teaching experience at first degree as well higher degree levels. Two students have successfully completed Ph.D. under his guidance while presently he is guiding four doctoral students. His key research areas include Rotational Moulding of Plastics,Structure-Property-Processibility studies on Polymeric materials,  Fiber Reinforced Composites (FRPs) and Analysis of Material Processing Techniques.
He has received research grants from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India as well as University Grant Commission (UGC) for the project related with polymer processing methods using nanocomposites. He has publications in journals of national and international repute and presented his work in reputed conferences in India as well as abroad.
Apart from active participation in course and curriculum development in BITS, at present he is extensively working on Rotational Moulding of plastics which is a very important processing method of Plastics and gained considerable importance in last decade. He is closely working with Society of Asian Rotomoulders (StAR) and has established the Rotational Moulding Center for Education and Research (RMCER), which is joint venture between BITS and StAR . He has been actively involved with Rotaional Moulding Industry addressing different aspects of Rotational Moulding Process and Products. He has gained a good recognition in the Rotational Moulding Industry and has been nominated as coordinator of the committee for development of standards for rotomoulded underground septic tanks by Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS) . 
He has also visited Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poland in 2016 and worked with Prof. Marek Szostak, Director of Materials Technology, PUT. During this period he has also partially taught the course related to Polymer Processing along with Prof. Marek Szostak. He was also invited in the Industrial Engineering Department of the host university to deliver a talk on BITS Model of Education as well as other topics of mutual interests. 
He is also  working as Associate Dean of Practice School Division at BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus. He is looking after the Quality control and Assurance of Practice School I and II programs, coordinating the software development activities of the division and coordinating with the other functions of Practice School Division across the university and participating organisations ( Industries and Research organisations).
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