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[Note: The names are listed in alphabetical order of the last name.]
Designation and Contact Address
Research Interest Phone E-mail
Vandana Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-Z
Office Ph: 5857
Computer Vision, Image Processing.

+91-1596-51-5857 vandana Personal Website
Sundar Balasubramaniam
Room No: 6120-L
Office Ph: 5384
Software Architecture and Frameworks,
Formal Methods and Security,
Planning for Mobile Agents,
Information Retrieval.
+91-1596-51-5384 sundarb Personal Website
Rahul Banerjee
Room No: 6120-P
Off. Ph: 5405
Direct Ph: 5409
Networking, Pervasive Computing,
Wearable Computing Systems
  rahul Personal Website
Ashutosh Bhatia
Assistant Professor
Room No:6121-U
Wireless Sensor Networks,  Vehiculer Adhoc Network,  Body Area Network,  Internet of Things,  Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization.

+91-1596-51-5725 ashutosh.bhatia Personal Website
Amit Dua
Assistant Professor
Room No:
Ad hoc networks, network security, game theory, smart grid +91-1596-51-5822 amit.dua
Personal Website
Avinash Gautam
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-Y
Office Ph: 5870
Swarm Robotics,
Multi-Agent Robotic Systems,
Coordination Algorithms in Robotic Swarms
+91-1596-51-5870 avinash Personal Website
Lavika Goel
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6120-J

Office Ph: 5823
Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Nature Inspired Computing
+91-1596-51-5823 lavika.goel Personal Website
Navneet Goyal
Room No: 6121-K
Office Ph: 5405
Direct Ph: 5410
Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Query Performance +91-1596-51-5410

Personal Website
Poonam Goyal
Associate Professor
Room No: 6121-Q
Office Ph: 5327
Data Mining, Algorithms  +91-1596-51-5409 poonam Personal Website
Shashank Gupta
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6120-G
Office Ph: 5830
Web Security, Information Security, Fog Computing, Cloud Security, Mobile Security  +91-1596-51-5830 shashank.gupta    Personal Website
Vishal Gupta
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-T
Office Ph: 5850
Wireless Networks; Multi criteria decision making algorithms; Link structure of the web  +91-1596-51-5850 vishalgupta    Personal Website
K Haribabu
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-M
Office Ph: 5813
Location management and
maintenance in P2P overlay networks,
Security issues in P2P overlay networks,
Resilience in P2P networks
Personal Website
Abhishek Mishra
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-S
Office Ph: 5405
Algorithms, Computational Complexity  +91-1596-51-827 abhishek.mishra Personal Website
J P Misra
Room No: 6120-E
Office Ph: 5283
Electronic System Design,
Computer Control System,
Personal Website
Sudeept Mohan
Room No: 6120-F
Office Ph: 5405
Direct Ph: 5321
Intelligent Controls, Robotics  +91-1596-51-5321 sudeeptm Personal Website
Pratik Narang
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-L
Office Ph: 5405
Direct Ph: 5833
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cyber Security  +91-1596-51-5833 pratik.narang Personal Website
Sundaresan Raman
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-O
Office Ph: 5684
Medical Image Analysis,
Scientific Visualization
Personal Website
J. Jennifer Ranjani
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-P
Office Ph: 5690
Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Information Hiding, IoT
Personal Website
Mukesh Kumar Rohil
Associate Professor
Room No: 6120-H
Office Ph: 5615
Primary: Computer Vision,
Pattern Recognition,
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems,
Software Engineering
Secondary: Data Mining and Business Analytics,
Geographichal Information Systems,
Computer Networks.
+91-1596-51-5615 rohil
Yashvardhan Sharma
Associate Professor
Room No: 6120-I
Office Ph: 5467
Software Engineering - OOAD, Testing
Sentiment Analysis - Text Summarization
Data Warehousing - ETL, Indexing Techniques
Machine Learning based Systems
Software Application Development
 +91-1596-51-5467 yash Personal Website
Virendra S Shekhawat
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-R
Office Ph: 5457
WDM Optical Networks,
Routing and Channel Assignment,
Traffic Engineering Models,
Overlay Networks,
Network Analysis
 +91-1596-51-5457 vsshekhawat Personal Website
Vaibhav Soni
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6120-D
Wireless Sensor Networks, Ad Hoc Networks  +91-1596-51-5666 vaibhav.soni Personal Website
Kamlesh Tiwari
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6120-N
Biometrics Security, Machine Learning 

 +91-1596-51-5734 kamlesh.tiwari Personal Website
Gayathri Ananthanarayanan
Assistant Professor
Room No: 6120-C
Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture 

 +91-1596-51-5881 gayathri.a Personal Website
Mayuri A. Digalwar
Visiting Assistant Professor
Room No: 6121-X

+91-1596-51-5826 mayuri
Personal Website

Research projects

Research Projects

In the last two years, the department has received external funding of INR 26.2 Million from various funding agencies.
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Research Fellowships

  • Research Fellowships Awarded

    In the recent past, the full time PhD scholars have been awarded prestigious PhD fellowships. 

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