Prof. Sridhar Raju

Department of Civil Engineering

Characterization of Polymer Modified Bitumen and Asphalt Mixtures with Warm Mix Additives, Utilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Bituminous Mixtures, Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design of Flexible Pavements, Design and Evaluation of Airfield Pavement, Investigations on Failure of Pavements, Utilization of Geo synthetics for Design of Flexible Pavements, Evaluation of Rigid and Flexible Pavements for Pavement Maintenance, Super pave Mixture Design for long lasting flexible pavements, Alternative Bituminous Mixtures
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India


  1.  Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Prof. B.B. Pandey Memorial Award (Instituted by IIT Kharagpur) - Pandey. A, Singh. K. S., Raju. S, and Sham. R., (2020) “Fundametal Limitations of Performance Grade Rutting and Fatigue Cracking Criteria of Bitumen” Journal of Indian Roads Congress,
  2.  Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Commendation Certificate for Research Publication - Sathya Kumar, Sridhar. R, Sudhakar Reddy , and Sunil Bose, (2008) “Analytical Investigation on the Influence of Loading and Temperature on Surface Cracking in Bituminous Layers,” Journal of Indian Roads Congress, Volume 69, No. 1
  3.  Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Medal for outstanding research - S Bose, Sridhar. R, C Kamaraj, G Sharma, and G Kumar, (2005) “Investigation of Moisture Damage to Bituminous Pavement and Effect on Field Performance – Case Studies,” Journal of the Indian Roads Congress, Volume 66, No-3.
  4.  Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Bihar PWD medal for outstanding research - Sridhar. R, S Bose, G Sharma, and G Kumar, (2004) “Performance of Bituminous Mixes Modified by Waste Plastic Bags,” Highway Research Bulletin, Indian Roads Congress, Vol 71- .
  5. Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Commendation Certificate for Research Publication S Bose, Sridhar. R, C Kamaraj, and Meena R K, (2003) “Performance-Based Mix Design Using Super-Pave Gyratory Compactor,” Journal of the Indian Roads Congress, Volume 64, No-2.