Prof. Mini Thomas P  

Associate Professor
Department of Economics and Finance

K - 230, Department of Economics and Finance,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani,
Hyderabad Campus, Jawahar Nagar,
Kapra Mandal, Medchal District - 500 078
Telangana State, India.

Courses offered to Dual Degree M.Sc. Economics & B.Tech. Students 


  • ECON F341 - Public Finance
  • ECON F211 - Principles of Economics 
  • ECON F434 - International Business
  • ECON F311 - International Economics
  • ECON F214 - Economic Environment of Business
  • MGTS F211 - Principles of Management
  • FIN F314 - Investment Banking and Financial Services
  • BITS G524 - Health Economics I (for BITS-One Health Trust PhD Programme Coursework)

 Instructor-in-charge for Project Type Courses ECON F266, ECON F366, ECON 367, ECON 376, ECON 377, ECON F491 for three semesters (2nd sem 2020-21, 1st sem 2021-22, 2nd sem 2021-22)

            Guided 30 students for formal SOP/DOP/LOP research projects