Prof. S Gurunarayanan

Senior Professor
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

embedded systems, VLSI Architecture, Digital VLSI Design
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India


  • Joined BITS - Pilani in 1987.
  • M.E. & Ph.D. from BITS - Pilani.
  • Involved in Teaching, Research & Administration.
  • Presently Teaching: Digital Design, VLSI Design, VLSI Architecture & Computer Architecture.
  • Research Interest: Digital Design, Embedded Systems & Computer Architecture.


      Ph.D                                                    2000       BITS - Pilani
      M.E                                                     1990         BITS - Pilani
     M.Sc  Physics                                    1987          Alagappa University,  Tamilnadu

Professional Experience

  • From June 2021         Senior Professor
  • 2005  - 2021                Professor
  • 2000 - 2005                Associate Professor
  • 1995 -  2000                Assistant Professor
  • 1991 -   1995                 Lecturer
  • 1990 -  1991                 Assistant Lecturer
  • 1987 -  1990                 Teaching Assistant


Administrative Experience

  • June 2020  Onwards                              Dean, Work Integrated Learning Programmes
  • May 2018        -  June 2020                   Dean, Practice School Division
  • August 2015   - August  2018                Dean, Admissions
  • August 2015   - August 2018                 Dean, Instruction Division
  • May 2011         - May 2018                     Dean, Work Integrated Learning Programmes
  • January 2007 - April 2011                    Dean, Admissions & Faculty Division II 
  • July 2002        - December 2006         Assistant Dean, Engineering Services Division
  • March 1997     - June 2002                   Group Leader, Instrumentation Group
  • January 1994  - June 2002                  Warden, Malviya Bhavan 


Current Semester Courses
On Campus Course
  •  Digital Design
  •  VLSI Architecture
Off Campus Course
  • VLSI Architecture

Courses Taught in Recent Past

On Campus Courses: 
  • Electronics
  • VLSI Design
  • Digital Design
  • VLSI Architecture
  • Analog Electronics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Embedded System Design
  • Advanced VLSI Architecture
  • Advanced Electronic Circuits
  • Microprocessor Based System Design
  • Electron Devices and Integrated Circuits
  • Microprocessor Programming & Interfacing
  • Digital Electronics & Computer Organisation
  • Physics & Modelling of Micro Electronic Devices
Off Campus Courses:
  • VLSI Design 
  • VLSI Architecture

Visits Abroad

  •  Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2005 
               July 17 -20, 2005  
              Redmond, Washington, USA 
  • The 26th ICDE World Conference: International Council for Open and Distance Education
               October 14- 16,2015
               Sun City, South Africa

Doctoral Students Completed

A   As  Supervisor :

  • Dr. Sai Sesha Chalapathi  
  • Thesis Title:   Time Synchronization and Task - Assignment Algorithms for Specific Domains of the  Internet of Things 
  • Dr. Kiran D.C  
  • Thesis Title:Compiler Optimization Techniques for Multi-Core Embedded Processors  
  • Dr. Nitin Chaturvedi    
  • Thesis Title:   Techniques to improve the performance of Cache Memory for Multi - Core Processors.  
  • Dr. Biju K. Raveendran   
  • Thesis Title Energy Efficient Techniques for Multi-tasking Embedded Systems- Cache Design and Task Scheduling Algorithms"

As  As  Co Supervisor:

      Dr. Jai Gopal Pandey  

  •      Thesis Title:  Architectures and Algorithms for Image and Video Processing        ............................Using  FPGA Platform


Research Project Completed

                Intelligent Water Resource Management

              (Microsoft Research University Relations - India,
              under ICT for Underserved Communities)




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