Prof. Suchismita Satpathy

Associate Professor
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Urban Sociology
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India

Research papers

Forthcoming Journal Papers

Co-Authored - Disaster and Politics: Successful handling of Cyclone Fani in Odisha.  Social Change. (Scopus indexed)


  • Segregation in Hyderabad: Introspecting multiple indexes and multiple patterns. Social Change, 1-21. Sage publication, 2024. DOI: 10.1177/00490857241257180. (Scopus indexed)
  • Disaggregated Service Modalities Beyond Formality-Informality: Through Everyday Practices around Water Kiosks in Visakhapatnam. Urbanities-Journal of Urban Ethnography, Vol 4 No 1, May 2024. (Scopus indexed)
  • Perceived Public Service Performance, Trust in Government, and Citizens’ Willingness to Participate: Evidence from Water Governance in Visakhapatnam, India. Water Policy. May 2024.Vol 26 No 6, 618-634. doi: 10.2166/wp.2024.036
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