Prof. Maya Vinai

Associate Professor
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Postcolonial Literature, Ocean Humanities
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India

Publications in National and International Journals

  • Maya Vinai & Mithuna S.M. Revisiting Sir Robert Bristow’s ‘India’: A Postcolonial Analysis of the Cochin Saga. International Journal of Maritime History. (2023) (Scopus Indexed)

  • Hemachandran, R. & Vinai, M. “Traversing the Inner Courtyard to the Public Sphere: Exploring Lalithambika Antharjanam’s Short Stories as Narratives of Protest in Early Twentieth Century Kerala," Journal of International Women's Studies 25.5(2023): 1-11 (Scopus Indexed)

  • Hemachandran, R., & Vinai, M. (2023). A Postcolonial Reading of Donald Sinderby’s The Jewel of Malabar: An Analysis of Colonial Engagement in Twentieth-Century Malabar. Asian Review of World Histories 11(2), 210-228. (Scopus Indexed)

  • Hemachandran, R & Vinai, M. Women in Conflict Zones: A Comparative Study of the Plight of Women During Partition and Malabar Rebellion. IUP Journal of English Studies. 18.1 (2023): 95-102. (Scopus Indexed) 

  • Maya Vinai & Shabin Ahmed. Annam Mata Cha Brahma: Remembering Amma through Kongu Food Culture: In conversation with author Perumal Murugan. SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English. (2022) (Scopus Indexed)     

  • Maya Vinai. Health and Healing: Retention of the popularity of Ashtavaidya Tradition during the Colonial Regime. Rupkatha Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. 13.2 (2021). (Scopus Indexed)              

  • Maya Vinai. Challenging the Cosmopolitanism and Resilience of the Port city of Kochi through N.S Madhavan’s novel Litanies of Dutch Battery. The European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes  4.2 (2021): 16-35. (Scopus Indexed)

  • Maya Vinai & Revathy Hemachandran. A Fine Balance: Interrogating the Changing Reconfigurations of Space in Middle-Class Apartments of Mumbai Through Literary Representations and Lived Experiences. The IUP Journal of English Studies, 16.1(2021): 27-28 (Scopus Indexed)

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  • Maya Vinai., Campus Politics in the works of Malayatoor Ramakrishnan. Muse India. M1: Vol.51

Reviewed articles for Journals

  • The Comparatist (Published by University of North Carolina Press)
  • Journal of Religion and Health- (Published by Springer)
  • The Quest 
  • Island Studies Journal 

Book Published

  • Maya Vinai. Caste and Gender in the works of Anita Nair.  New Delhi: Prestige Publishers, 2014.

Book Chapters

  • Maya Vinai & Mithuna S.M. The Tiger’s Vanquish: Representation of IPKF’s role in the Sri Lankan Civil War in Ayathurai Santhan’s novel The WhirlwindWar Zones’s Enigma: A study of Victors, Victims and Values through the Select Novels in War Zones. Ghaziabad: Empyreal, 2023.
  • Maya Vinai & Revathy Hemachandran. Cosmopolitanism and Trade: Recreating the port city of Muziris through Sethumadhavan’s The Saga of MuzirisThe City Speaks: Urban Spaces in Indian Literature. (Eds. Subahish Bhattacharjee & Goutam Karmakar. London: Routledge, 2022.
  • Maya Vinai. Assessing the veracity of the Gulf Dreams: An interview with author   Benyamin in Oil Fictions: World literature and Our Contemporary Petrosphere. (Eds. Stacey Balkan & Swaralipi Nandi) Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press, 2021. (237- 249)
  • Maya Vinai. Stereotyping in the works of Rohinton Mistry. Rohinton Mistry: The Writer Par Excellence. Ed. Suman Bala. New Delhi: Prestige 2013.
  • Maya Vinai & Jayashree Hazarika. Globalization in the works of Vikram Seth. Indian- American Diasporic Literature. New Delhi: Prestige, 2013.

Book Review

  • Maya Vinai. Banaras Reconstructed: Architecture and Sacred Spaces in a holy city by Madhuri Desai. Rupkatha Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 10.2.(2018): 263-264. (Scopus Indexed)
  • Maya Vinai. The Silent Witness (2019) by Anuradha.  Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities 12. 2 (2020). (Scopus Indexed)

Forthcoming (Book Chapter)

  • Mithuna S.M & Maya Vinai. Chenkalchoola: Reconfiguring the Social Imaginary of an Indian Hinterland. Literary and Cultural Representations of the Hinterland. Routledge, 2024.