Prof. B.M. Reddy

Sr. Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry

Nanomaterials, Green Chemistry, Heterogeneous Catalysis, CO2 Capture and Utilization, Biomass Utilization, Fine Chemicals Synthesis, Emission Control Catalysts, Green Hyderogen
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India



Publications in Refereed Journals (
Total Publications in Refereed International SCI Journals = 310
Refereed Articles in Non-SCI Journals and Conference Proceedings = 30
Google Scholar Citations = 18,860; h-index = 79 ; i10-index = 266
List of Ten Highly Cited and High Impact Publications (as per SCI 2021)
Organic syntheses and transformations catalyzed by sulfated zirconia
BM Reddy*, MK Patil
Chemical Reviews 109 (2009) 2185 – 2208   (IF = 72.087)
Recent advances on TiO2‐ZrO2 mixed oxides as catalysts and catalyst supports
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Ceria–zirconia mixed oxides: Synthetic methods and applications
D Devaiah, LH Reddy, SE Park, BM Reddy*
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Abatement of gas-phase mercury—recent developments
BM Reddy*, N Durgasri, TV Kumar, SK Bhargava
Catalysis Reviews 54 (2012) 344 - 398   (IF = 13.600)
Doped nanosized ceria solid solutions for low temperature soot oxidation: Zirconium versus lanthanum promoters
L Katta, P Sudarsanam, G Thrimurthulu, BM Reddy*
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 101 (2010) 10- 108   (IF = 24.319)
Nano-Au/CeO2 catalysts for CO oxidation: Influence of dopants (Fe, La and Zr) on the physicochemical properties and catalytic activity
P Sudarsanam, B Mallesham, PS Reddy, D Großmann, W Grünert, BM Reddy*              
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 144 (2014) 900 - 908   (IF = 24.319)
Nanostructured manganese doped ceria solid solutions for CO oxidation at lower temperatures
P Venkataswamy, KN Rao, D Jampaiah, BM Reddy*
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D Mukherjee, BG Rao, BM Reddy*
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 197 (2016) 105 - 115   (IF = 24.319)
Design of highly efficient Mo and W-promoted SnO2 solid acids for heterogeneous catalysis: acetalization of bio-glycerol
B Mallesham, P Sudarsanam, G Raju, BM Reddy*
Green Chemistry 15 (2013) 478 - 489   (IF = 10.182)
Novel nanocrystalline Ce1−xLaxO2−δ (x = 0.2) solid solutions: Structural characteristics and catalytic performance
BM Reddy*, L Katta, G Thrimurthulu
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Book Chapters


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