V V S N V Prasad Chundru

Associate Professor

Supply chain and operations, Strategic Management, Marketing, Operations management
Department of Economics and Finance

Courses Taught in Pevious Semesters

Sanitation Financing and Project Management (SAN G514)

Principles of Management (MGTS C211/MGTS F211)

Marketing Research (MGTS C483/ECON F435)

Operations Management (MGTS C392)

Supply Chain Management (MF F421/MBA C421/MMZG 621/QMZG 621)

Research Methodology I (BITS E661)

Businee Policy Structure and Organization (MGTS G521)

Advanced Marketing Theories and Advertising (MGTS G513)

Marketing (MMZC 411)

Business Policy Structure & Organization (MGTS G521)

Design Project (ECON F376/ ME F376)

Advanced Project (BITS G511)

Study in Advanced Topics (BITS G513)

Special Projects (ECON F491)

Reading Course (BITS F382)

Professional Practice (BITS G619)

Research Practice (BITS G540)

First Degree Thesis (BITS C422T)

Courses Teaching in this Semester (ISEM, 2022-23)

Principles of Management