Sarang Chandrashekhar Dhongdi

Assistant Professor, Gr-I

Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, Flying Ad-hoc Networks
Dept of EEE, BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India


Journal Publications

1.   S. C. Dhongdi, K. R. Anupama, R. H. Sant, and L. J. Gudino, “Implementation of Multi-hop Bidirectional Communication Link with Time Synchronization on Miniature Test-bed of underwater Acoustic Sensor Network.” Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review (JESTR), Vol.9, no 3, pp 1-8, 2016.

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 Conference publications

1.   S. C. Dhongdi, K. R. Anupama, L. J. Gudino, and R. H. Sant, “Deployment Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network on Miniature Test-bed,” in 7th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technology (ICACCT), 2013, pp. 18–24.

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