Neena Goveas


Quantum antiferromagnets, Mean field approaches to thermodynamic properties of magnetic systems, Low dimensional magnetic systems

About the Faculty

Neena Goveas is with the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus. Earlier she was with Department of Physics BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. She was the Associate Dean, Academic Undergraduate Studies at the K K Birla Goa Campus.

For her PhD thesis, she worked on “Mean field approaches to thermodynamic properties of magnetic systems” at IIT Bombay, advisor Prof. G. Mukhopadhyay. She worked on INDO-US sponsored project “Development and characterization of materials suitable for magneto-optic Devices” at A. C. R. E., I. I. T. Bombay. She worked as DST-Young Scientist Scheme Project entitled “Study of low dimensional magnetic systems” at IIT Guwahati. Her main theme of research work is to study complex systems. Using various mean field and computational approaches to understand their properties.

Recent research work is on Network Science and its applications to transport, social and computer networks; modeling of Cyber Physical Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks; Construction of test suites for large software systems, optimization of IoT systems and Edge computing. Application of ML to resource constrained systems.