Dr. Rajesh Barik

Assistant Professor

Office Address
Cabin No: CC-217
BITS Pilani ( K K Birla Campus)
Zuarinagar, Goa

Newspaper/ Magazine Articles: English/Odia

  1. ‘Time Use Survey’: A Way to Understand India’s Household Gender Inequality, (With
    S.S Pattayat), Opinion article, The Standpoint, 06 February, 2021.
  2. “Why is Microcredit Necessary for Transgender People?”, Opinion article, Odisha
    Plus, 31 December, 2020.
  3.  “COVID-19: A Turning Point for India’s Digital Finance Market”, (With S.S Pattayat),
    Opinion article, The Standpoint, 24 December, 2020.
  4. “Covid-19 Pandemic and Life Struggle of Indian Transgender” (With S.S Pattayat),
    Opinion article, Odisha Plus, 18. Nov.2020.
  5.  “Measuring poverty beyond income”, (With Arun Bairwa), Opinion article, OrissaPost,
    11th, May, 2019.
  6.  “In Defense of AAP’s Redistribution Policy: Serving The Poor, Maximising Welfare!”,
    Youth ki Awaz.
  7. “Thanks To This Breakthrough Initiative, Indian Villages Will Have Wi-Fi Soon”,
    Youth ki Awaz,
  8. “Will Privatization of Public Sector Banks Increase Rural-Urban Financial Inclusion
    Gap?”, Youth ki Awaz,
    Odia Articles
    1.  “ସମ୍ବିଧାନର ଚିଠି(Letter of the Constitution)”, Odisha live, 11, December, 2020.