Prof. N Suresh Kumar Reddy

Head & Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering,

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, High speed machining, Finite Element Modeling and optimization of machining processes, Tribology, Environmentally conscious machining process, Micro/Nano Machining, Experimental characterization of materials, Machining of difficult to machine materials, Material mechanical performance and evaluation, Dynamics of Machine Tools
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India.


Ongoing Projects: 

        Topic: To Predict Surface Location Error in Micromilling of Thin-walled Ti6Al4V for low cost Biofabrication

    • Role: Co-Principle Investigator
    • Agency: SERB
    • Duration: 2024-2027
    • Funding sanctioned: Rs 22,92,000/-

       Topic: Development of Intelligent System for Sustainable Micro-manufacturing of Microneedle Arrays of Difficult-to-cut Materials with an Application to Bio-fabrication 

    •  Role: Co-Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: SERB
    •  Funding sanctioned: 22.37 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2023-2026

 Completed Projects:

        Topic: Simulation and analysis of cellular materials against blast loading 

    •  Role: Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: CVRDE (DRDO) 
    •  Funding sanctioned: 9.77 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2021-2023

        Topic: Novel casting approach to improve quality of aluminum alloy casting

    •  Role: Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: DRDL
    •  Funding sanctioned: 9.84 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2017-2020

        Topic: Studies related to control of porosity in casting

    •  Role: Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: ISR
    •  Funding sanctioned: 8.03 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2016-2019

        Topic: Novel minimal SLM application method for performance improvement in turning

    •  Role: Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: DST-SERB
    •  Funding sanctioned: 40.16 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2013-2017

       Topic: Solid lubricant coated tools for sustainable machining

    •  Role: Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: CSIR
    •  Funding sanctioned: 18.52 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2012-2015

       Topic: Development of novel coated tools for green machining

    •  Role: Principal Investigator
    •  Agency: BITS-SG
    •  Funding sanctioned: 11.80 Lakhs
    •  Duration: 2011-2013