Dr. Brajesh Kumar Panigrahi

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Computational Mechanics, Structural Health Monitoring, Design and Materials Engineering, Functionally graded materials, Nonlinear structural Vibrations, Nonlinear Energy Harvesters, Modelling of Advanced Composites
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India



Journal Articles

1.    D.K. Gudlavalleti, B Panigrahi, Nonlinear dynamic analysis on centrifugal stiffening of rotating cracked       tapered functionally graded beam for flap wise vibrations, Journal of Vibration and Control, Accepted for       publication, (SCI IF -2.656).

2.       B. Upendra, B Panigrahi, GR Sabareesh,   Effect of geometric non-linearity and tip mass on the frequency bandwidth of a cantilever piezoelectric energy harvester under tip excitation, Physica Scripta DOI 10.1088/1402-         4896/accf48, (SCI IF: 3.081).

3.       D.K. Gudlavalleti, K Singh, B Panigrahi, The Influence of gravitational stiffening and de-stiffening on nonlinear dynamic behavior of vertical beams with cracks, Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation,  (SCIE IF-  2.115).


Journal Articles

4.       Taylur S., Gururaja S., Singh K., Panigrahi B., Machined surface image analysis for process instability identification in micromilling of Ti6Al4V. Manufacturing Letters, 33, 174-182.

5.       Madhan P., Gaikwad S., Panigrahi B., Design and optimization of 9 DOF suspension model for Hyperloop Pods.  IMechE Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 237 (3), 356-370, (SCIE IF-2.359).

6.       Roy G., Panigrahi B., Pohit G., Identification of crack by vibration analysis and restoration of dynamic response in beams using PZT sensor/actuator. Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, 38(2), 211-232, (SCIE IF-  2.115).)


Journal Articles

7.       Panigrahi B., G. Pohit, Nonlinear dynamic response of open and breathing cracked functionally graded beam under single and multi-frequency excitation Nonlinear dynamic response of open and breathing cracked functionally graded beam under single and multi-frequency excitation. Engineering Structures, 242, 112437, (SCI IF-3.548).

8.       Roy, G., Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G, Evaluation and Repair of Cracks on Statically Loaded Beams Using Piezoelectric Actuation, International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering, 11, 34-49, (Scopus)

9.       Reddy GYS, Sistla S, Panigrahi B., Experimental and numerical study on dynamic analysis of cracked glass epoxy composite beam, Materials Today: Proceedings 38, 2481-2487, (Scopus)


Journal Articles

10.   Roy, G., Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G, Crack identification in beam-type structural elements using a piezoelectric sensor. Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, 1-19, (SCIE, IF- 1.420).

Book Chapters

1.       Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G., Modelling and Analysis of Functionally-Graded Cracked Beams Subjected to Static and Dynamic Loadings. Handbook of Research on Developments and Trends in Industrial and Materials Engineering, IGI Global.


Journal Articles

11.   Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G., Amplitude incremental method-a novel approach to capture stable and unstable solutions of harmonically excited vibration response of functionally graded beams under large amplitude motion. International Journal of Nonlinear sciences and Numerical simulations, 20, 582-594, (SCIE IF-1.467).

Book Chapters

2.       Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G., Nonlinear static analysis and influence of higher order harmonics on nonlinear forced vibration of Timoshenko beams. Advances in Materials, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 397-416.


Journal Articles

12.   Panigrahi, B. and Pohit, G., Study of non-linear dynamic behaviour of open cracked functionally graded Timoshenko beam under forced excitation using harmonic balance method in conjunction with an iterative technique. Applied mathematical Modelling, 57, 248-267 (SCI, IF-3.633).

13.   Panigrahi, B. and Pohit, G., Effect of cracks on nonlinear flexural vibration of rotating Timoshenko functionally graded material beam having large amplitude motion. Proc. IMechE Part CJournal Mechanical Engineering Science, 232 (6), 930-940. (SCI, IF-1.386)

Conference Proceedings

1.       Panigrahi, B. and Pohit, G., Influence of higher order harmonics on nonlinear forced vibration of Timoshenko beams. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University Kolkata India.


Journal Articles      

14.   Banerjee A., Pohit, G., and Panigrahi B., Vibration Analysis and Prediction Natural Frequencies of Cracked Timoshenko Beam by Two Optimization Techniques – Cascade ANN and ANFIS. Materials Today: Proceedings, 4, 9909–9913, (Scopus)


Journal Articles

15.   Panigrahi, B. and Pohit, G., Nonlinear modeling and dynamic analysis of cracked Timoshenko functionally graded beams based on neutral surface approach. Proc. IMechE Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 230 (9), 1486-1497, (SCI, IF-1.386)

16.   Banerjee A., Panigrahi B. and Pohit, G., Crack modelling and detection in Timoshenko FGM beam under transverse vibration using frequency contour and response surface model with GA. Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, 31 (2), 142-164, (SCIE, IF-1.420)

17.   Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G., Nonlinear dynamic analysis of functionally graded Timoshenko beam fixed to a rotating hub, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,(Scopus)

Conference Proceedings

2.       Panigrahi, B. and Pohit, G., A modified direct substitution technique to analyze forced vibration response of cracked FGM Timoshenko beam having large amplitude motion, 61st Congress of ISTAM, VITU- Vellore, India


Conference Proceedings

3.       Panigrahi, B., Pohit, G, P. Sahoo, Dynamic analysis of cracked Timoshenko beam having geometric nonlinearity, Proceedings of International Conference on Vibration problems, Lisbon, Portugal.