Prof. Jayati Ray Dutta

Department of Biological Sciences

Nanobiotechnology, Microbial Enzymology and its applications in biofuel production, polymer degradation for bio implantation and biosensing
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Kapra Mandal
Dist.-Medchal-500 078
Telangana, India
About the Faculty
1. Bachelor of Science (B.SC) (Zoology Honours) Botany & Molecular biology - Calcutta University (1st class 3rd), India.
2. Master of Science (M.SC) (Zoology with Cytology & Genetics Specialization)- Calcutta University (1st class 5th), India.
3. Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (2000-2004), India.
4. Research Associate, IIT Kharagpur (2004-2005), India
5. DST, FAST TRACK, Young Scientist, IIT Kharagpur (2006-2009), India.
6. Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department, BITS-Hyderabad Campus (Aug 2008 - Jun 2018).
7. Associate Professor, Biological Sciences Department, BITS-Hyderabad Campus (Jul 2018 - Feb 2023).
8. Served as the Head of the Department from October 2020 - September 2022.
9. Professor, Biological Sciences Department, BITS-Hyderabad Campus (March 2023 till date). 
 Ph.D. Guidance as PI:  
1. U.S. Ramyasri  (16th May 2016), currently working as Assistant Professor, St. Francis College, Hyderabad.
2. M. Imran Khan (1st Feb 2019), currently working as Staff Scientist, Roseman Health, USA.
3. Almas Shamaila Mohammad (5th Aug 2021), currently working as Assistant Manager, Bharat Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.
4. Narayana Penta (20th Dec 2021), currently working as Sr. Manager, R&D MS&T, Indian Immunologicals Limited, Hyderabad.
5. Mr. Aniket Balapure (20th July, 2023): Working as Research Associate in BioCyTih Foundation at BITS Goa. (as Co-PI)
6. Mr. Pranay Amruth Maroju: Graduated on 25th Sept, 2023.
7. Mr. Sk. Rahaman graduated on 6th May, 2024. (as Co-PI)
Ongoing as PI: 
Ms. Tata Pranathi (Nov, 2020)
Ms. Hemanjali Mude (CSIR-NET, Dec, 2020)
Ms. Anindita Thakur (Sept, 2021)
Ms. A. Bose (July, 2023 in DST SERB) 
Ms. Vaishnavi N. (Aug, 2023 in DST CRG) 
Mr. Ramit Rikhi (Part-time from Indian Immunologicals Limited, Hyderabad, Feb, 2021)
Mr. Bhadru Jatothu (Part-time from Indian Immunologicals Limited, Hyderabad, Jan, 2023)
As Co-PI: 
Ms. Radha Kiranmaye (Industry project)
Ms. Mariya Midhu Francis 
Ms. Hiba Khadeeja (project)
Ms. Renuka Roy (project)
Mr. Md Asad Tanvir
Higher degree Dissertation Guidance: 
   Ms. Harshitha 2013,
   Ms. Swasthi Dhagat 2014,
   Ms. Alekhya Jayanthy 2015;
   Ms. Nivetha Sivasankaran, 2017,
   Ms. Yamini Nikhariya, 2019 (got placed in BYJU'S),
   Mr. Akash Arora 2020 (got placed in BYJU'S),
   Ms. Sai Naga Teja 2020 (got placed in BYJU'S),
   Mr. Hrishikesh 2021;
   Ms. Karanam Sai Bhavya 2021 (got placed in BIOCON);
   Ms. Shivani Singh 2022-23 
First degree Dissertation Guidance: 
   Mr. C. K. Mouktik in 2013,
   Mr. Naman Bafna 2015;
   Mr. Rohan Gupta in 2015,
   Mr. Anshull Mishra in 2017,
   Mr. Sri Charan in May, 2018,
   Mr. Paran Goel, Dec, 2018,
   Mr. M. Vamsi Krishna, Jan, 2019;
   Ms. Yasasvi Kotha Muni, Aug, 2020.
   Ms. Abbagani Gangotri, Aug - Dec 2024 (with Dr. Nooruddin Khan, HCU).
SOP, LOP & Research Practice/Project guidance:
Eleven students completed SOP.
Nine students completed LOP (Mr. Haritya Shah completed in May, 2020; Ms. Muskan Gupta & Mr. Abhinandan Vyas completed in Aug, 2020). 
28 students completed SAT/RP I/II.
Reviewer for Journals:

1. Reviewer of manuscripts for journals

          a. Nature (2 reviewed)
          b. Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Journal
          c. Journal of Food, Science and Technology
          d. Process Biochemistry
          e. Bioresource Technology
          f. Waste & Biomass Valorization Journal
          g. Medical Sciences 
          h. BMC Biotechnology 
          i. JSM Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine 
          j. Journal of Agriculture & Food Research
          k. Enzyme & Microbial Technology
          l. Microchimica Acta 
          m. ACS Applied Polymer materials 
          n. ChemistrySelect 
          o. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 
          p. Materials Today: Proceedings 
          q. Environmental Science & Pollution Research 
          r. RSC Advances
          s. Discover Nano
2. Reviewer for:
DST- SERB - EMR (2016),
2 proposals for DST CRG (Oct, 2020),
DST-SERB Core in 2021;
4 proposals for DST-SERB CRG Nov-Dec, 2022.
Editorial Board member: Journal for Advanced Research in Applied Sciences, since Nov, 2013.
Membership in Professional Bodies:
1. Member of Biotech Research Society.
2. European Federation of Biotechnology.
3. Life Member of Probiotic Association of India. 
Selected to serve as DBT nominee for IBSC for Yapan Bio Pvt Ltd. companyHyderabad from 2020.