• Synthesis of donor-acceptor type organic molecules based on linear heteroacenes and evaluation of their optical properties for applications as fluorescence based molecular imaging agents
  • Study of the in vitro bioactivity and DNA-binding properties of linear heteroacenes
  • Synthesis of porphyins with structural modifications in their periphery and their inner-core in order to induce non-planar molecular conformations - study of their UV-vis and fluorescence properties aimed towards designing porphyrins with red-wavelength absorptions and emissions.


Lecture courses
(1) Organic Chemistry IV Chem F342, General Chemistry Chem F111, Green Chemistry & Catalysis Chem F337, Supramolecular Chemistry Chem F328, Organic Chemistry I Chem F212, Organic Chemistry II Chem F243, Organic Chemistry and Drug Design Chem F335 
Laboratory courses
(1) Chemical Experimentation I Chem F242, Chemistry Laboratory Chem F110,
Chemical Experimentation II Chem F341