Vivek Rangarajan

Associate Professor

Microbial Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Biochemical / Bioprocess Engineering

Funded Projects

Ongoing/ completed projects

  1. Formulation of bio-functionalized cosmetic emulsions using biosurfactant and essential oil as green  ingredients  (DST SERB) PI (Aug 2018 to July 2021) (Completed) Equipments Purchased in this project: Shaking Incubator 5- 80 °C (LE-TT-A, Scigenics), High Speed Cooling centrifuge, (NEYA 16 R, Remi), Ultrsonicator (Qsonica), High Speed Homogenizer (IKA) 
  1. Improvement in Feni/Urrak production (DST-GOA) Co-PI (2017-2019) PI : Prof SD Manjare (Completed) Equipment/-s Purchased in this project: Environmental Shaker (Remi), Glass distillation setup 
  1. Isolation and characterization of biopolymer producing bacteria, and media optimization based on cheaper substrates for the optimal production of biopolymer  (PI) ACG, BITS Pilani (2018-2019) (Completed) Equipments Purchased in this Project: Solar Bioreactor (Custom made); Shaking Incubator 5-80°C (LETTA, Scigenics), Biological cells filtration system (Tarsons), Magnetic Stirrer-4 places (Tarsons)  
  1. Bioremediation of Red mud using acidogenic fermentation byproducts and by Biopiling. (ABSTCPL) Co-PI (2018-20): Equipments Purchased in this Project: Mini Environmental Shaker), Bacteriological Incubator(Completed)
  2. Microbial peptides for therapeutic applications(DBT Builder Project), Co-PI (2022-2027)  (PI- Prof Utpal Roy)
  3. Valorization of cashew apple and its wastes (Goa Energy Development Agency, GEDA (PI) 2023-2026 (Ongoing) CoPIs: Prof SD Manjare; Dr. Jayita Chopra; Equipments purchased in this project: UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  1. Unlocking the Potential of Green Cosmetic Nanoemulsions for Targeted Acne Vulgaris Therapy: Advanced Modeling and Optimization Strategies, CDRF BITS Pilani, PI 2023-2025 (Ongoing); CoPIs: Prof Utpal Roy & Prof Riju De; Equipments: LAF; Autoclave; high-speed emulsifier
  • Other Equipments: Equipments Purchased through RIG, BITS Pilani: Environmental shaker (Remi), Refrigerator (LG), Soxhlet extraction apparatus, Mini Centrifuge (Remi), Solar-Powered Bioreactor (Custom made), Probe sonicator (Athena make), Optical microscope.


Other facilities in the department: Laminar Hood, Autoclave (Prof SS Baral)