Radhika Vathsan

Professor, Department of Physics

Quantum Theory, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Information
Radhika Vathsan

About Radhika Vathsan

Radhika  joined  BITS  Pilani  at the Pilani Campus  in December 2001,  with the Physics Groups as it was called then. She  was  also associated with the Distance Learning Programme Division. She moved  to the Goa Campus in December 2004.

Her research interests include Foundations of Quantum Theory, Quantum Information Theory, Mathematical Physics (formal quantization), Many-body Physics (multi-particle clusters, anyon physics, fractional statistics), and High Energy Physics (gravitation, string theory) 
She has also worked on   the acoustic characteristics and construction mechanics of Indian musical instruments.
Passionate about physics teaching, she tries out different methods of active learning and blended learning in her classes.
She has authored a text book on Quantum Physics and Quantum Information addressed to undergraduate students, published by CRC Press in 2015

She has  an abiding interest in Indian Classical music as a  Carnatic vocalist and  plays the Sarasvati veena.

Radhika is also an avid bird-watcher, loves painting and sketching and messing about in  her garden.