Gaurav Dar

Associate Professor

Non-linear dynamics, theoretical neuroscience

About the Faculty

BSc, St. Stephen's college, Delhi (1991)

MSc, IIT Bombay (1993)
PhD, IIT Kanpur (2000), Thesis title : “Energy spectra and transfers in magnetohydrodynamic  turbulence”,
                                            Supervisor: Prof. Mahendra K Verma, Co-supervisor: Prof. V. Eswaran
I have been teaching at BITS Pilani since year 2002. My research interest lie in studying systems whose dynamics is governed by highly nonlinear equations. I have worked in the area of MHD turbulence. I have also started investigating dynamics of biological neurons. I am currently working on problems addressing dynamics of Hodgkin-Huxley neurons on being stimulated by periodic currents.