Santonu Sarkar

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Information Systems

About the Faculty

Dr. Santonu Sarkar received the Ph.D degree in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 1996. He has more than 18 years of experience in applied research, product & application development, consulting, project and client account management.

Dr. Sarkar built the next generation computing research group (defining research goal, creating solution, and fostering research collaboration with internal and external partners) at Infosys Labs. Earlier at Accenture technologay labs, he was responsible for research based tool development in software engineering, build research network and ecosystem within and outside the organization, manage research hiring and global internship program (such as MIT Accenture relationship program).

He has published and served in program committees of IEEE TSE, IEEE SE, JSS, IS, IEEE TSC, APSEC, ISEC, ICSE, ISSRE, ICDCN, IEEE Cloud, IEEE DSN, IEEE ISPA. During Ph.D, he has also published papers in the area of ODBMS, Object oriented VLSI-CAD, Expert system. He has filed several patents with ten granted patents.