Department of Physics

4 Year Integrated M. Sc. (Hons) in Physics

Admission to the M.Sc. programme  is through the BITSAT entrance exam after 10+2. 
The M.Sc. Physics programme,  code B5,  has strong foundations in Physics, Mathematics and Computing. The programme can normally be completed in four years.  An additional year would be spent if the student takes a dual degree in another discipline.
Starting with a common set of foundational courses in the first year,  the programme has a mandatory set of physics courses spread through four years.  Students are also given an opportunity to explore their interests in Humanities through mandatory humanities electives. Students are further encouraged to explore other disciplines (outside Physics) through  open electives. Advanced courses in Physics or interdisciplinary areas are available through discipline electives.

Final year students have exposure to the real world through a semester-long thesis (TS) carrying out research or a semester in  industry (PS) through the practice school programme.

1st year courses
 Semester 1  Units
 PHY F111  Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves  3
 PHY F110  Physics Laboratory 1 (Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves)  1
 MATH F111  Mathematics 1  3
 CHEM F111  General Chemistry  3
 CHEM F110  Chemistry Laboratory  1
 BIO F111  General Biology  3
 BIO F110  Biology Laboratory  1
 BITS F110  Engineering Graphics  2
Semester 2  Units
 BITS F111  Thermodynamics 3
 MATH F112  Mathematics 2 3
 MATH F113  Probability and Statistics 3
 CS F111  Computer Programming 4
 EEE F111  Electrical Sciences 3
 ME F112  Workshop Practice  2
 BITS F112  Technical Report Writing  2
2nd year courses
Semester 3  Units
PHY F211 Classical Mechanics  4
PHY F212 Electromagnetic Theory 1  3
PHY F213 Optics  3
PHY F214 Electromagnetism and Optics Laboratory  2
MATH F211 Mathematics 3  3
BITS F225 Environmental Studies  3
HUM Humanities Electives of choice  3(min)
Semester 4 Units
PHY F241 Electromagnetic Theory 2 4
PHY F242 Quantum Mechanics 1 3
PHY F243 Methods of Mathematical Physics 3
PHY F244 Modern Physics Laboratory 2
ECON F211 Principles of Economics 3
MGTS F211 Principles of Management 3
HUM Humanities Electives of choice 3(min)
 SUMMER TERM  BITS F211 Practice School 1 (For PS Option)
3rd year courses
Semester 5 Units
 PHY F311  Quantum Mechanics 2 3
 PHY F312  Statistical Mechanics  3
 PHY F313  Computational Physics 3
 PHY  Discipline Electives of choice 6(min)
 ***  Open or Humanities Electives of choice 3-6
 Semester 6 Units
 PHY F341  Solid State Physics 3
 PHY F342  Atomic and Molecular Physics 3
 PHY F343  Nuclear and Particle Physics 3
 PHY F344  Advanced Physics Laboratory 3
 PHY   Discipline Electives of choice 3 (min)
 ***  Open or Humanities Electives of choice 3-6
4th year courses
 Semester 6  Units
 PHY  Discipline Electives of choice 6(min)
 ***  Open  Electives of choice 5 -11
 Semester 7  Units
BITS F412 Practice School 2 20
  Thesis (reduced) 9
   Electives of choice 6-9